Are Video Game Genres Just Restraints?

Nathan Barker of looks at video game genres and if they really have a use, or if they simply just allow people to skip over games due to a certain label.

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DasBunker2989d ago

some times it helps when your game is in the most popular categories..

but sometimes it really is a disadvantage.. see heavy rain, that game is almost in a category of its own O.O some games have it easier than others because of the genre..

depends also on the region and demographics the games are aiming for, not every 14 y/o american punk is gonna luv heavy rain for what it is.. tehy wantz teh zhootsorz!

_Q_2988d ago

I think it helps people identify if the game is of their preference. I can see the point of view that it can kind of be a restraint but if a game mixes too much it can be seen as tacked together and can potentially weaken a game. Brutal Legend is a fine example of too much mixture. Me as a gmaer have gaming moods. I'm not normally in the mood to play multiple genres at one time. I dont really have a take on games that cant really be defined. Thats more preference...