Australia to Censor Internet

Not more than 24 hours after the Australian ratings board decided it would review the decision made to refuse classification for AvP and open discussion for an R18+ rating, a definite step forward in the industry Down Under, the government has announced it is preparing to implement internet filtering in the country.

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-Alpha2898d ago

Didn't see that coming. Poor Aussies

rrquinta2898d ago

Yeah, glad I live in the US :(.

MagicAccent2897d ago

Yeah. This is how it starts. Then... BOOM-> 1984.
I really feel for these people..

darkmurder2897d ago

Deadmocracy, its bloody outrageous.

bacon132897d ago

This is very sad to hear indeed. Censorship of this caliber or any for that matter should not be taken lightly. I hope Australians rally up and support each other against this diabolical decision and overcome it.

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2898d ago
CryWolf2898d ago

I seen this coming the hole time when are the Australia young people going to protest or walk the streets in rage about this, that is what normal people would do to fight for their rights.