Android Reaches 20,000 App Milestone, Still no Good Games in Sight

NG writes;

"Still somewhat shy of the iPhone's 100,000 applications, Google's Android mobile OS now has 20,000 apps available on its system. Gaming on the platform is sure to explode into iPhone-ish glory! Right? Probably not."

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Elven62897d ago

Teeter first came out on HTC Windows Mobile phones to show off the accelerometer, now the game is included on all HTC phones that have a accelerometer, clones on other phones exist as well.

JoySticksFTW2897d ago

pretty good game for that price.

I have an iphone, but hope more apps start hitting the other phones soon.

The amazing app support is what swayed me and others toward the iphone, but AT&T isn't all that great.

We need more app support on Verizon and Sprint phones, so people have better services to choose from.

Blasphemy2898d ago

Just got me a g1 last week and I love it so far.

wardrox2898d ago

Could you recommend decent games? I know the phone's awesome, but I'm not sure about the gaming side of things.

TheTwelve2897d ago

I have a G1 too but I don't use it for games.


Blasphemy2897d ago

I haven't tried any games on it either... LOL

Bnet3432897d ago

I got the G1 when it first came out but I agree, the games suck ass. The only one I play is a simple one called Grid Droid. That's it. The games suck but a lot of useful apps.

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Karum2897d ago

That isn't why I buy a phone and the android platform looks pretty awesome. The HTC Hero has been grabbing my interest recently. Will perhaps switch from Blackberry to an Android phone next year.

maniacmayhem2897d ago

Give it time, the iPhone has had such a head start of course it has the better apps.

Then again 20,000 and no good games is pretty sh!tty.

ChickeyCantor2897d ago

I want that Zii(supports Android OS) thingy, developing for it seems so awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.