Need for Speed ProStreet on D2D for $4.95

Direct2Drive's 24 Days of Christmas sale continues today with Need for Speed ProStreet at 75% off.

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dirthurts3141d ago

Actually wasn't that bad...
but I'm still not sure I'd buy it for 5 bucks. Sad eh?

BaYo1823140d ago

i actually got the game a few days it got out.. then had to sell it to gamestop for like 20 dollars.. it still pains me to had wasted $60 on this game... i will probably buy the game for $5 and sell it in ecuador or some other latin country for like 60 bucks.. dude i know some people that would buy it!! here in south america games are so EXPENSIVE its not even funny!! HERE IS MY CHANCE TO REGAIN my MONEY BACK hahahaha!!

morkendo3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

5.00 ??? that game not worth 5 cent shift is worth 5.00
lets hope criterion 2010 NFS be worth full price. 59.99