Shattered Memories: A Silent Hill Story in Pictures

Jeffrey Matulef of TheGameReviews writes: "The new Silent Hill does away with conventional notions of what it means to be a game. To its credit, I found the simple act of trying to comprise what the hell was going on to be as thoughtful and engaging as any game I've played this year. I do have a confession to make, though. While I'd always been intrigued by the Silent Hill series, I'd never found it games much fun to play. I'd enjoy the aesthetics, rich metaphors and lucid atmosphere, but always found the experience of playing them something of a chore. They relied far too much on fetch quests, obtuse puzzles, lackluster combat, and stressful resource management. In comparison, Shattered Memories dissipates all of these. What's left may be slim to some, given that it's only about seven hours long and without much room to stray from its rigid path. Instead, it boils down to the core of what made the Silent Hill series so compelling initially."

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SlamVanderhuge3080d ago

Just started Shattered Memories. Shocked about its quality, especially after the middling SH: Origins. The authors observations all ring true

NavySeal743077d ago

hi m8 what console are you playing it on.
Its not released in uk until 2010,
what's the gameplay and graphics like, i love silent hill games im looking forward to this 1.

thanx in advance.