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Dragon's Lair does DSiWare next week

Digital Leisure is bringing Dirk the Daring to the DSiWare service next week, with the DSi becoming the umpteenth platform to receive a port of Don Bluth's classic laserdisc game Dragon's Lair.

It's hard to say how many platforms exactly the game has been ported to already, with some computer platforms receiving multiple versions of the game on multiple media types. The most recent release was for the iPhone, and now the Nintendo DSi gets its game on with a DSiWare version of the game, due out Monday the 22nd in North America and January 1st in Europe. (Dragon's Lair, Nintendo DS)

TheDeadMetalhead  +   1904d ago
Does anybody even care about this game anymore? Seriously, if Digital Leisure weren't so unbelievably lazy, they would just make a new game. :/
Sangria  +   1904d ago
Nah, it's funny to see how many remakes a single game can have :)
darthv72  +   1903d ago
I have the original laserdisc
I got it from my cousin who worked at a video game dismantling company. It is a single sided laserdisc that actually will play from start to finish (including all mirrored scenes and deaths) in just about any laserdisc player. I myself have a pioneer cld-a100 laseractive. You can't control the game but you can just sit and watch it. It is roughly 20 minutes.

Now...I am wondering if this game will be more of the 2d platform type released back on the SNES or will they try and make it animated (reactionary) like the arcade.

I must say though, the recent release of Rayman was really good. Exact to the Jaguar version (which really doesnt say much) but maybe they will work on porting rayman 2 to the dsi.

edit: I just read some more on this game and it says it will be the reactionary arcade type. Impressive if true. Can't wait to see some footage on the nintendo channel.
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Hisiru  +   1903d ago
This is a remake of the arcade game.
Greywulf  +   1903d ago
Heavy Rain Killer
morkendo  +   1903d ago
wish it came to ps2 or ps3 loved that game.
PS360WII  +   1903d ago
with it coming to DSiWare and already on the app store it is possible it'll become a PSPMini as well.
ThatArtGuy  +   1903d ago
You can play the DVD version in the PS2 and the Blu-ray version in the PS3.
cervantes99  +   1903d ago
Here is an early DS build ...

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VanHalen  +   1903d ago
Classic game!!!!
To the 2 kids that ask does anyone even care about this game anymore. Ive got news for you children, ALOT of people do. Mainly hardcore, cult followists and anyone that just appreciates classic gaming. Me being all of the above. This game was not put on permanent display in the Smithsonian Institution for nothing! Its one of 3 classic games that sits there along with Pac Man and Pong! Show a little respect for classic games like this or you wouldnt be vidding out on your Modern Warfare today. Seriously, get it on Blue Ray as its probably the most accurate to the actual laserdisc. Theres no pauses and has the original sounding bleeps when you put in a move. Huge fan of the animated laserdisc games. Played many of them in the arcades. Anyone remember Cliff Hanger or Cobra Command? There was also a great animated western too. Great stuff! Will be picking up Space Ace on Blue Ray next!
darthv72  +   1903d ago
some of them...
went to the sega cd back in the day. Time gal, roadblasters, cobra command, etc. When sega partnered with pioneer to help create the laseractive, some of the arcade games got the home treatment for use with the genesis pac and were dead on exact. dragon's lair was not one of them but cobra command and roadblasters were.

Cliff hanger was actually a lupin game if I recall.
morkendo  +   1903d ago
dragon lairs and space ace??
not to sound unimformed but LAWD, where can you find those 2 games on blu-ray?? not at gamestop. toys-r-us maybe??? target??? would like to finally beat the game, or at lease see the end.
VanHalen  +   1903d ago
somewhat hard to find on blueray
you can find em on amazon and ebay. i have yet to find them in the stores. trust me, blue ray versions of these games are the best ports thus far. probably pick em up for around $22. well worth it though.
hoops  +   1902d ago
I remember playing this game when it came out in the arcade.....
VanHalen  +   1902d ago
Time to build an arcade
Yea, playin this and Space Ace at the family fun center down the road were just great times as a kid. There would always be a crowd of people watchin whenever someone good would play. I remember beating both games at the arcade after some time of pouring so many quarters into those machines. Playin while theres a big group of people watchin you was always fun, haha. I could never get far at all on Dragons Lair 2. Now that game was frikin hard! Man, they should open an arcade up that is just dedicated to all those classic 80s games. That would be pretty tight. I am tryin to build one in my garage. So far i have got DKJR, DK and Primal Rage. Can be an expensive hobby, but would be worth it to have em all runnin at the same time to hear all the classic sounds goin off and open up to the public once in awhile. Heck yea!

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