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AndyA3205d ago

Very impressed with this, looks like it might just be the open world Western I've been craving.

WildArmed3205d ago

Agreed. Didn't know it was an open world till now.
I'm intrigued.

nycredude3204d ago

That was a sick ass video. This game has me salivating. Looks miles better than GTA4!

rockleex3204d ago

This looks to be MUCH MUCH better than GTA4. It might even be better than San Andreas.

I could feel this was what they really wanted to do with Red Dead Revolver, but were held back by either the budget, development time, or the last gen hardware.

But I'm glad they are doing it this gen instead! ^_^

By the way, I've always wondered why GTA never offered much moral choices for the main character. We should be able to affect what kind of criminal we want to be, the kind with morals or the backstabbing money hungry ones.

siyrobbo3204d ago

This looks promising, the trailer was a little slow paced, but it looks fun

Watching it reminded me of gta4 a bit too much, probably just because it uses the same engine, the targeting system looked similar (the reticule looks the same) and the map in the bottom left looked the same as well

2010 is shaping up to be the best year in gaming ever

Hisiru3204d ago

I was dying for a gameplay video and MAAAAAN! This video is very impressive, I can't wait for this game!

ReservoirDog3163204d ago

"By the way, I've always wondered why GTA never offered much moral choices for the main character. We should be able to affect what kind of criminal we want to be, the kind with morals or the backstabbing money hungry ones."

You never finished GTA IV huh? I recommend it. It's pretty good.

On topic though, this looks really really good. I can't wait for it. I loved Gun and this looks better in every way. This is probably tied with my most anticipated game for next year.

Simon_Brezhnev3204d ago

now another game added to the list this makes 8 within 3 months. $480

Cwalat3204d ago

Everything GTAIV should've been


My kind of setting


More interesting characters


Moral decisions that affects story in a better way than before


Red Dead Redemption (meaning my wallet just took another beating for 2010)

dgroundwater3204d ago

I had only seen a brief bit of the first trailer and then ignored this title up till now... This vid blew me away! Lassos for tying people up looks cool.

NecrumSlavery3204d ago

This looks ages among GTA4, but it sucks idiot reviewers will not give it the same reconization they game GTAIV, the most overrated game this gen

StanLee3204d ago

Not to start anything but how can the XBox 360 have reached it limits when there are new games being released that far surpass what was thought possible on the platform; multiplatform and exclusive. This is running on an XBox 360. There is still so much left in the console that this generation will be competitive still for a very long time.

Sunny_D3204d ago

When you have to say " Not trying to start something, you're going to start something.

That's kind of Off topic, and besides no one said the 360 can't handle this game. It uses the GTA4 engine.(I think) So it should be able to handle the game. They probably optimized the engine and made the game with a unique art style which makes it very beautiful.

The only people who would have to bring that up are those who are a bit insecure with their console's power.

Christopher3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

This looks absolutely beautiful, so much so that I can't believe this is graphics for 360 or PS3. I had to look to see if it was suddenly coming to the PC as well. This is definitely at the same level as Uncharted 2 in regards to textures, gotta see how well they do with environment adaptation, AI, and world physics.

The vids shown are for the 360 (you can see the button commands in some sections), so I'm waiting to see some PS3 gameplay vids. The textures I don't think will hold up as well on the PS3.

rockleex3204d ago

I did beat GTA IV. Sure, you had to make a hard decision between the two.

But it wasn't a MORAL or ETHICAL decision.

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Maticus3205d ago

About time we had another god Western game. Amazing looks!

Fyzzu3205d ago

That looks awesome. When's this out?

LittleBigSackBoy3205d ago

Who made Gun? This looks like Gun but alot better, Gun is the best western sandbox so far IMO.

micro_invader3204d ago

Neversoft, and yes that game was awesome.

This looks to improve on the formula used by Gun. And it looks fantastic so far.

Lou Ferrigno3204d ago

i believe it was neversoft,the devs behind the tony hawks pro skater series :)

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