BioShock 2 Achievements Revealed has just published the achievement list for BioShock 2.

The game features 50 achievements and will reward you with the usual 1000 points.

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ape0073234d ago

bioshock 1 was one of the best games in this gen

day 1 buy

im afraid this one disappoints cause 2k boston(irrational games) isn't behind it

im afraid it won't be a true bioshock game,much like treyarch and resi5 dev team

WildArmed3234d ago

lol damn! Jan - April is too jam packed. Dont think i can afford this game on day 1, but will keep a keen eye on it for cheap deals

Xeoset3234d ago

Nice array of achievements, much like the first one.

Shame they added the multiplayer, both achievement and gameplay wise. I'd prefer a continuation of the story. I don't want work dedicated outside of that.