Did Lucasarts Accidently Confirm Star Wars Battlefront 3?

With GameStops in Canada offering pre-orders on the unannounced and rumored to be dead Star Wars Battlefront 3 earlier this week, some Lucasarts forum members decided to call LA headquarters and ask about the game. Read the full story for an audio recording of the full conversation… Did LA just confirm Star Wars Battlefront 3 to a kid over the phone?


EDIT: The audio conversation with Lucasarts has been removed from youtube since the story was posted, but you can download the audio at this link. Sorry for any misinformation.

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Saaking2919d ago

I really hope so. I was disappointed when the new game was Force Unleashed 2.

ScoobyDrew2919d ago

i loved this series, can't wait for the extension
hated force unleashed

guitarded772919d ago

Sorry All, when I posted the story, there was a youtube video with the audio of the conversation between the caller and Lucasarts. The video has since been taken down to protect the caller from any legal issues, but audio from the call can be downloaded at the link below. I just want to do right by the members of n4g. Sorry for any misinformation.

TheBand1t2919d ago

I accidently the whole surprise.

chasegarcia2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

The Battlefront series has gameplay very similar to the Socom series. Anybody agree? It just has the Star Wars flavor. I felt a little connection playing both back in the day. Can't wait for another Battlefront game.

Nihilism2919d ago

I want this game as bad as everyone else, but until I see it, I will have no hope, it has been passed from developer to developer and in all likeliness then end product would reflect it, if so, they can keep it, i'll have it when lucasarts gives a F about the fans again and actually puts the effort into their games

Eiffel2919d ago

A next gen Battlefront needs to happen.