Metal Gear Solid: Moments You will never ever forget

GB writes: "Metal Gear Solid is one of the best franchises in video games history to date. Besides being my personal favorite franchise, Metal Gear Solid is the pinnacle of storytelling and technical achievement in video games. We at GamingBolt revisit some of the moments which were actually responsible for making the franchise great. The series is full of stunning moments so it would be impossible to list all of them over here, but we have tried our best to pick some special ones."

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fafoon3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

I'll never forget Metal Gear Solid
Nuff said

LordMarius3137d ago

I will never forget looking at my TV with a WTF expression when the cut-scenes wouldnt end

GrieverSoul3137d ago


MGS: Sniper Wolf death
MGS2: Otacon´s sister´s death
MGS3: That guy that was dead all along (The Sorrow)
MGS4: MicroWave scene

Two-Face3137d ago

Maybe if you paid attention to the story and dialog. You would had fun watching them, and gotten dragged into the story, and wished that it never ended.

Oner3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

@ GrieverSoul ~ Nice ones! But if I had to pick 1 top scene it would always be (at least for now until the next MGS) the Microwave scene in MGS4 leading up to and including the final fight. Excellent story telling, action & game all together.

@ Two-Face ~ Exactly.

The_Devil_Hunter3137d ago

@ Grieversoul

The Microwave part has got to be the best part in any videogame moment period. IT was actually felt the desperation of getting out of it and just looking at snake slowly burning away was just a holy [email protected] moment. One of the few times i felt what my character was feeling (Well, in a way.)

Darkstorn3137d ago

The Spanish guitar that played during the final boss battle was absolutely brilliant.
My favorite boss battles were:
1. Liquid Snake
2. Metal Gear Ray
3. Laughing Octopus

DatNJDom813137d ago

The whole series is on another level. My favorite video games of all time. Not for the "DEZTROYZ ALL URZ BAAAAZZZEESSZZ" type of gamer. Unfortunately, you need to actually pay attention to the story. This is how gaming should be. Top notch story with top notch gameplay. What makes me laugh is all the people that say its a movie. Just LOL!! This story touches on so many thing that are going on even today. Sorry, but in my opinion, Metal Gear Franchise (MGS1-4, Portable Ops and yes I know Peacewalker isnt out but its pretty hard not to think it wont be good) is the Best game franchise out.

Redempteur3137d ago

Great moments.

I still have few problem with all the mgs games

i enjoy all of them i wanted more boss fight in MGS4 but instead i got more "epic moments".

Blacktric3137d ago


And I will never forget how Metal Gear Solid become the definitive franchise for PlayStation series and made fanboys or ignorants like you cry...

nycredude3137d ago

How is everyone forgetting about Psycho Mantis when he moves your controller and then you had to use the other one so he couldn't read your mind!?

Also the Microwave sequence hurt and the last Fight with Liquid Ocelot was epic. The music during that fight brought back so many memories of the other games in teh series!

rockleex3137d ago

Don't worry, you already forgot by now... with that ADHD of yours.

Ahmay3137d ago

here's my most memorable...

mgs.. sniper wolf
mgs2... raiden's wife
mgs3... eva
mgs4... naomi

... I wish Mei Ling still had the accent she had in mgs...

ThanatosDMC3137d ago

The fights with Liquid Snake on MGS1.

Fight with Boss on MGS3 and Eva's cleavage and the shadow sex scenes and the moaning and all those hidden goodies.

MGS4 there's a ton of things that wowed me.

sikbeta3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

This is off-topic:

MGS really impressed me when Solid realise that The Darpa Chief was actually Decoy Octopus (FOXHOUND member) and Master Miller (McDonnell Miller) was Liquid Snake


·Sniper Wolf Death
·Meryl's Death (alternative ending)

·Emma Emmerich death
·When Solid and Otacon talk about the Data of the Wisemen Committee that were all dead about 100 years ago

·In MGS3:
·The Sorrow fight and whole story
·The End fight

·Final Fight
·When Big Boss appears in the cemetery (I was like WTF!!!) and told everything about Zero plans and how the new FOXDIE was killing him

I know that these aren't the most WOW moments of the series, but really impress me

Darkstorn3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Hey you guys, we should start a petition to get an HD remaster of the original three MGS games! Just like they did with GoW Collection!
These games are perfect for replaying.

Nikuma3137d ago

They forgot about the scene after you fight sniper wolf. That was one of the most memorable moments in any game.

cmrbe3137d ago

Truth is even 1 MGS game is filled with WOW moments most franchise can muster in 3 or 4 games total. MGS series is the definition of EPIC.


For me personally.

1. Physco Mantis fight.
2. Finding out that Sold and liquid are brothers.
3. Finding out after the credits rolled that Solid is actually the ones with the resscesive genes and that the President of the US was in on the whole plot.

1. Riden.
2. President George Sears is Solidus and is another clone.
3. Finding out Big shell was staged to train Riden to be like Snake.
4. GW.

1. The Boss defection and the ass kicking she gave her best friend and student Naked snake.
2. Tytana is in fact Eva. I have no idea but i never guessed that it was the same person until that revelation.
3. Volgin is Bi-Sexual as well as his crotch grab of Snake in Rikov disguise.
4. Snakes torture with him peeing in his pants and finally reveled how the Big boss lost an eye.
5. You having to pull the trigger to kill The Boss.
6. The finally revelation that it was all planed. The Boss gave her life for her country and friends knowing very well the truth can never be revelead and that she will go down in history as a war criminal and a monster.
7. The last salute and the single tear. Here we have the greatest solider that lived cried a tear for his friend and mentor for what is perhaps the biggest misscarrige of justice in history. It finally made me realize The Big Boss point of view in later games in how he is disslousioned with governments and how they could just sacrafice soliders like they are expendable.
8. Adam is Ocelot.

The whole game. From finding out that Snake was dieing and aging fast and frail. To seeing riden kicking ass. To finding out that Zero from MGS3 is the farther of the Patriots, Signit from MGS3 is the DARPA chief in MGS1, to returning back to Shadow Mosses and piloting Rex. The whole freaking game is full of wow moments and of course Big Boss appereance in the last scene which turned everything on its head.

MGS is the best franchise ever. Long live Snake.

NecrumSlavery3137d ago

I remember fighting Screaming Mantis in MGS4, and nothing was working, so I paused the game and held the PS Button, then reassigned the controller to port 2, remembering the Psycho Mantis fight in MGS, when I unpaused it my controller wouldn't work so I switched back. Then Otacon came up on the codex and let me know "this isn't going to work like the last Mantis fight. You can't just switch controller this time Snake." I thought WTF, this is the greatest game ever. I have never seen so many Easter eggs in a game.

My favorite little easter egg moment in the series

ThanatosDMC3137d ago

^ HAHAHHA! Oh yeah, i totally forgot how Volgin grabbed Naked Snake's crotch then that's when Volgin realized he was a fake. Maybe Naked Snake's was too small? I mean, there was something wrong with his piece after all... he cant reproduce the normal way.

Naked Snake having a plastic bag over his head then the whole breathing and then losing his eye then escaping Ocelot... WOW!

Yeah, i probably love MGS3 the best out of all the series and that's including MGS4. I mean, you actually have to hunt for your rations/supplies in the hardest difficulty to survive properly. In MGS4 i understand the need or concept for buying guns/ammo but a part of that whole thing ruined the stealth for me since i just stuck with the M4 carbine and customized it with a shotty non-lethal shots.

Admiral_Benson3137d ago

Way, way too many memorable moments across the series to list! The MGS series is just amazingly memorable in general.

The most recent that sticks in my mind though is from MGS4; the "Return to Shadow Moses" section. As you infiltrate the base again and come across familiar points (the helipad from the beginning of MGS1, the air vent with the mice in it etc) you hear the original MGS1 musical score and get the ghostly voice flashbacks from the original. Made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and sent shivers down my spine.....absolutely awesome.

My favourite gaming series full stop. Kojima san and co are geniuses.

ico923136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

is in MGS 4 when you return to shadow moses island and this song plays

Commander TK3136d ago

I can't believe the article didn't include "I am no hero, never was, never wil b." Snake is right when he says that, he's just a soldier hired to do some wet-work.

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GamerSciz3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Man, that part just touched me. I nearly came to tears while playing the damn game. Not to mention I nearly broke my button pressing it as fast as I could to keep snake alive. I felt for him. Me and Snake were one...

HAHA omg, disagrees on a very touching MGS moment. Man, the Xbots are hard at work today eh...hitting stories before they are even approved.

SnuggleBandit3137d ago

i was the FIRST time in gaming where i actually felt concerned for my character...i was even sweating at the end of the scene cause it was so intense!

bacon133137d ago

OMG, that was such a brutal part of the game. It was just like surviving the torture in Metal Gear Solid. I beat the crap out of my controller trying to get Snake through the microwave room. Another great memory is the Big Boss and The End sniper battle, effing great.

darthv723137d ago

Since I havent played the game myself I looked up that segment online. Very frustrating and touching in the same vein.

Naked Raiden doing cartwheels has scarred my eyes for life.

NotSoSilentBob3137d ago

I was so close to tears on that Microwave room from both the story line of snake almost sacrificing himself, and then from the thought of having to redo it, and my finger starting to lock up.

DatNJDom813137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Has anyone else noticed that a brand new Metal Gear Solid cost $99.49, Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance cost $159.99, Metal Gear Solid 3 Substistance cost $126.84, Metal Gear Portable Ops cost $124.74 on Then they have the Essential Collection for $ 20.00. Is something wrong there?

rockleex3136d ago

That's because the Essentials does not include everything that came with the original games.

The manuals and discs and disc cases also looks different.

Notice how its not called the "Collector's Edition Collection" it is called the "Essential Collection". Providing you only the essentials to play all 3 games.

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diddies3137d ago

In the microwave, I know I felt as much pain as Snake did because I started to get a blister on my finger from pressing triangle so much. LOL. It seemed as if that tunnel never ended. Well can't we just hope that I, I mean Snake, can return in Rising.


cb8103137d ago

definitely one of my fav franchises...

xabmol3137d ago

Smacking Meryl and getting pissed on by a wolf. xD

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