LBP Pirates of The Caribbean DLC announced

The Lost Gamer writes: "Media Molecule have today announced the Pirates of the Caribbean Premium Level Kit for their hugely successful title, Little Big Planet."

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WildArmed2894d ago

I knew it'd be somewhere near Christmas.
Great news!
Loving LBP, and time to give it more love.

Seedhouse2894d ago

Really can't wait for this, need some new levels to blast through and the PotC stuff looks well cool xD

rlineker2894d ago

Nothing like some more great DLC to play hope it is as good the the MGS DLC was :)

sikbeta2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Awesome LBP DLC, I'm going to enjoy it so much

Orange2894d ago

Hugely successful? I wish. I really's a great game, but it hasn't had the sales that I'd hoped it would. That being said, I'm excited for this DLC...I just wish I could get my hands on the ModNation Racers beta key in the GOTY edition.

LtSkittles2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

So, you work for MM, or something? I guess you're going to have to f...Oh wait, you don't work for MM, so, you don't have to worry about sales, and ;)

@Below I have no idea, I think the uk one got delayed, but I could be wrong.

rlineker2894d ago

Is there any beta trial for the UK, so i don't need a US PSN account?

Double072894d ago

Not until the New Year for us Europeans >.>

Orange2894d ago

Thanks for the link. I think I'm going to get my nephew the GOTY edition and swipe the beta code.

And...heck yeah I care about sales! If they sell it, more will come. If they don't..... that's why I keep hoping Demon's Souls keeps chugging along. I want DS 2.

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tonynibbles2894d ago

Because this stuff gets approved, yet links to the full story don't!

*ALL* the details are here:

LordMarius2894d ago

Davy Jones looks so....cute

gumgum992894d ago

I wish the Water could be released separately as a stand-alone feature. I'm not that big of a Pirate fan. -_-

LtSkittles2894d ago

Yeah, I thought, oh water, that should be free D:.

rlineker2894d ago

I think that MediaMolecule should be more like Criterion giving the basics free and the extras at the fee. Water should defiantly be free in my opinion.

tonynibbles2894d ago

You can play water-based community levels for free, same as paintinator.

So it is kind of free. And there will no doubt be some great community levels...