Diablo: The Mystery of Klar and Tryneus delves into the one potentially interesting aspect of the latest Diablo 2 Patch. Is this a Diablo 3 related change?

"One of the odder tidbits in the v1.13 patch notes is this little line, "Updated two Act 5 mercenary names to Klar and Tryneus." What does this mean? Why was the change made? Has it been confirmed? Yes. Thanks to MakeLoveNotDupe's screenshot we know both of them are now hireables on the test realm, and thanks to the code-delving of Silospen, we know that the names were indeed "updated."

So it's been done. But why?"

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DeepThought3017d ago

It's an interesting read. I think it would be really cool if they were already integrating Diablo II with Diablo III.

Leord3017d ago

Well,on the Barbarian side, they have already done so. The Barb character IS the same in D3, they said so!

DeepThought3017d ago

That's a good point, I totally forgot about that. I hope they have some more surprises before the release of DIII

Leord3017d ago

I think there's also mentioning about the tribes in one of those lore entries they released. From Aldib Hazib or whatever his name is...

Leord3017d ago

It's kinda weird indeed. Especially with the original meaning of the names, compared to the new ones.

I think he might have stumbled upon something real here!

Dorjan3017d ago

Always finding that needle in a haystack eh?

Medievaldragon3017d ago

hey, it's fun to try to find conspiracy theories, and to speculate. The excitement factor is something that's been lagging on D2 for years. So if something new happens and it's meaningful it spawns questions. Why?

1ThorsHammer3017d ago

Blizzard never does anything without a reason. Even if it's just to throw people off of the real trail. :)

Leord3017d ago

True. Could be a ruse as well. Not necessarily meaning to it.

Medievaldragon3017d ago

I can almost bet these characters will be prominent in a new Diablo novel.

Cogo3017d ago

Indeed. Are there any novels in the works right now?

Medievaldragon3017d ago

During my interview with Richard A. Knaak back on 2006-2007, he slipped there were more novels coming from different authors. I have been camping Pocket Books publisher every 3 months: Are there new novels? She always denies there's any. at least none she can talk about (you know contracts, NDAs, etc. won't allow her to this early).

Are there Diablo novels in the horizon? You bet.

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