Gameloft's N.O.V.A. Receives An Official Release Date writes:

"Gameloft has finally decided to stop teasing us FPS-craving iPhone and iPod touch gamers by giving N.O.V.A. an official release date, which they chose to reveal via a brand new gameplay trailer. So without further ado, N.O.V.A. will be hitting the App Store on… December 17th! Yes, you read that correctly, only two days from now."

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Cat3169d ago

I bet other iPhone devs will want to know how Gameloft managed to secure a definite release date, since it's entirely dependent on the AppStore approval process! (Has this changed recently? Are devs being offered solid release dates??)

PS360WII3169d ago

Well most just release a game after it's been approved but you can hold off on the release date after Apple gives it the okay. So NOVA has the okay from Apple I'd assume and Gameloft just decided to wait a few days.

Cat3168d ago

Good point - poor app devs, "um...umm...ok our game release in 24 hours!!"

dirthurts3169d ago

When you're hands are all over the screen?

darthv723169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

There are lots of gameloft titles that get ported to the dsiware. Maybe this will be on the horizon. I'd kind of like to see that.

edit: having never seen footage of this game before...was it the developers intention to make it look like Halo? I know halo was at one point a Mac game (RTS) but this is just plain and simple ripoff of the original Halo.

A nice ripoff when you consider how bad their guitar hero ripoff (guitar rock tour) was.

KillerPwned3169d ago

This game looks intresting i was surprised when i saw it. Got a question for anyone i will be buying a game soon and now it seems its between this game and the classic DOOM. What would you recommend?

PS360WII3169d ago

Well you can't really go wrong with Doom. It plays a bit fast but you get use to it and you can mess around with the control methods and it has all the 4 episodes with 4 difficulty modes. Along with Carmack has said that Doom II and all others should be coming out as well down the road (hopefully as a free update or as dlc) though it is still the Doom you've played before but on the iPhone

NOVA you'll get a newer looking game that closely resembles Halo with 13 levels, 6 weapons, and online multiplayer believe it or not! Doom has multiplayer as well though only local.