EverQuest launches its sixteenth expansion

EverQuest players venture into the undiscovered underground of Norrath today with the launch of EverQuest Underfoot, the game's 16th expansion, which adds new areas, master tradeskilling, and an achievement system to the 10-year-old MMO.

EverQuest Underfoot, available today at for $39.99, substantially adds to Norrathian real estate by going deeper underground than ever before. Players can expect to encounter plenty of new creatures as they venture forth, hunting for tradeskill recipes so they can make the powerful new items afforded by the addition of Master Tradeskilling.

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Gish3082d ago

:cricket chirp: :cricket chirp:

Perjoss3082d ago

Anyone that used to play Evequest (or anyone curious about old school MMO games in general) should check out the Evercracked movies they did recently on IGN with Jace Hall.

Tarmgar3082d ago

Now THAT is how you support a game. 16 expansions!! Wow!! I missed playing this game :(. And no, I don't play World of Warcraft....I quit playing that October 31, 2006.

Amio3082d ago

I play EQ and have since the first expansion released on and off. I must say SOE really upped the difficulty and made a really challenging expansion. No longer can we just run across a zone without difficulty. Everyone has to play their class perfectly or things go bad quick.

(I as well as other received access to this last week for pre ordering, before anyone says I cant judge it in one day)

LeonSKennedy4Life3082d ago

That's freakin' awesome!

I wish more developers would do this.

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