Savage Moon: The Hera Campaign – Invading PSP this December

Ana Kronschnabl on European Playstation.Blog writes:

"Hi again, I'm Ana, the producer of Savage Moon here at FluffyLogic in Bristol, UK. Just wanted to keep you all informed about the latest news on Savage Moon. I'm pleased to say that Savage Moon: The Hera Campaign will be released via PSN on December 22nd.

We're really excited by the PSP version of the game and myself and the rest of the development team have spent the last few months pouring our energy into the game and were very pleased with the result – and we hope you will be too!"

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GodsHand3137d ago

A decent Tower defence game, I happen to grab it off the PSN store. But I still like Pixel Junk Monsters better. I guess its the color and music that makes me favor PJ:M over Savage Moon. But still a great game if you are into these type of games.