Eurogamer: Crackdown 2 interview

Eurogamer writes:

"We got to see a bit more of that this week courtesy of a new trailer (watch it below in HD), which introduced new Agent abilities, vehicles and the wicked-looking wingsuit.

So, when publisher Microsoft offered us the opportunity to quiz producer James Cope and development director Gareth Noyce about its contents, we jumped at the chance, then sat back down and dug out that adapter thing we use to record phone calls.

Microsoft also said it was cool for us to talk about other stuff, so we did that too, but thanks to the vagaries of embargoes you'll have to make do with trailer stuff today and other topics in part two soon. Don't worry though, we took the piss with the restrictions. Let's crack on."

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MNicholas3138d ago

this looks worse than some of the 360's first gen games.

Very disappointing.