Bowling: 'Lot's of updates in the works' for Modern Warfare 2

CC: Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling has revealed that there are a 'Lot's of updates' on the way for Modern Warfare 2.

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ruleroftekken3205d ago

Good. Get rid of hackers, glitchers, cheaters. I haven't played it for the last few days because of them.

tdrules3205d ago

not possible, the game is coded in the same way as COD4.
look forward to hacking you can only dream of, I know people working at it atm.

blame the developers, not the players

mjolliffe3205d ago

Of course the devs shouldn't let it happen in the first place. But the gamers are cheating. End of.

_insane_gamer_3205d ago

It's a shame how such a brilliant game can be ruined for people not cheating.

tdrules3205d ago

developers should be influenced by their fan base.
and you know the funny thing is the people who made all these hacks, well Robert Bowling endorsed them!!!!!

nycredude3205d ago

Only COD games gets a total pass when the developers need to "polish" the game "after" release.

execution173205d ago

i laughed at that "lots" part, they should of gone into a beta and maybe they wouldn't of had to do so many updates

Baka-akaB3205d ago

I think we are at the amazing rate of 2 new hacks per day now ...

But of course the game is nothing like cod4 and polished right ?

IdleLeeSiuLung3205d ago

Compare that to any other game and suddenly you realize that even the best developers throwing huge amount of resources can't compete with the combined effort of the masses.

Other than Halo 3, there is no other game that can compare itself to MW2 online community on a console.

If anything, MW2 is a victim of its own success!!! There is probably nothing IW could have done to prevent all this. Furthermore, to complicate matters there are two platforms to maintain.

Baka-akaB3205d ago

Excuse me if i roll eyes a bit ....
There is a certain category of games that actually sometimes got a bigger base than MW2 , got to deal with more data and potential issues : Mmos and well since you mentioned it Halo .

Mmos got their fair share of issues especially at launch , but here mw2 take the cake , being a sequel to a game with the same engine , and some of these issues already unresolved the first time around .

I blame it on them being pretentious , liars , lack of polish , probably some will to rush and pull through no matter what for november , and related to the ego part , their previous refusal to beta test .

HDgamer3205d ago

Sounds like a pathetic excuse, they've had very minimal glitches with the first modern warefare 2. They rushed MW2 and it shows. The only victims were the gamers for buying a glitchy game. This would've hurt them a lot if consoles didn't come with harddrives and updates.

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dpdvxkpizbnwg3205d ago

Noone likes a cheat. i know a guy that's used the 10th prestige hack and it just ruins the competitive side

tdrules3205d ago

does it, all you get is a badge...

JeffGUNZ3205d ago

I agree with TD on this one. Just because you have a badge next to your name, doesn't indicate your true skill. I have played people who are 3-4 prestige and preform better then them and I am level 69, original rank. All prestige means at this moment is who is playing the game more; not who is better. Some kid in high school or college obviously has more time then people like me with a family and a full-time job. Please explain how the competitive side of the game gets ruined due to the 10th prestige hack?

evrfighter3205d ago

badge or rank should never ever ever ever ever be used to determine someones skill. On the pc for example in cod4 and bf2 the best players do not play in ranked pubs. If they are in a pub they are usually really really low rank and end up dominating the pub scrub all-stars.

The stupidest thing an online gamer could ever do is try and gauge someone's skill based on a rank or badge.

WildArmed3205d ago

Well considering how many hacks n glitches I've seen since launch, I'd expect 'Lot's of updates in the works' -.-

ZBlacktt3205d ago

It's funny that he doesn't state the updates or address what they are fixing. Because then he would have to come right out and say. Yes, we have major issues and tons of cheating / hacking going on.

hitthegspot3205d ago

Exactly.. This news has been right up there with Tiger...

JeffGUNZ3205d ago

About time? They have been addressing all issues instantaneously. I wish they had a public beta to get rid of these before launch, but they have been on the ball working on updates. These things don't happen over night.

Baka-akaB3205d ago

you mean some of the same problem they didnt even adress with cod4 ? wich they later ditched since too busy wioh MW2 ? Dont mind me if i'm not holding my breath here .

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