Age of Conan Moving Towards Free to Play?

MMOCrunch talks about the Age of Conans unlimited free trial offer and what it could mean in the future.

"Funcom might be testing the waters with this unlimited free trial. Who knows, we might be seeing a completely free to play Age of Conan sooner than you think."

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Go Gaming Giant3135d ago

got to around lev 40 when it first came out, not my type of game, but might give it another go if it went free.

Bnet3433135d ago

Proving time and time again, don't commit to P2P MMO's with the exception of WoW. They never last. I'm really hoping that SW:TOR hangs in there and goes a long way like WoW.

PS: Is the 360 version of this game canned or what?

Tony P3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Considering how less than great AoC turned out on the lead platform, I'm not sure why they'd consider risking a console port.

omicron0093135d ago

same here, too grindy for me

darkequitus3135d ago

I downloaded this morning to give it a try. Combat is not intuitive at all. I got [email protected] by crocs, even when I tried to run away.

Myze3135d ago

The end game was very lackluster, but it was VERY easy to level in the game. I didn't even play all that much and had a lvl80 demonologist (I think that was the name of the mage class, been a while) and lvl66 bear shaman. I think the game had a lot of potential but was rushed out and just never got back on track. Same thing happened with Warhammer Online.

There just aren't any MMOs I'm interested in playing at the moment and don't see any coming out anytime soon either. Aion was pretty and had some good aspects, but for the 2nd half of levels, the game was a true grind-fest and just wasn't fun outside of some of the pvp, if it was an even fight. Star Trek Online looks horrible. FFXIV is probably the next one I will try, but it doesn't come out for a while and I'm not sure how much I will like it either, as it seems kind of weird at the moment and not really even sure when it will be released. Main one I'm waiting for now is The Old Republic, but it's not gonna be here till next October, at the earliest I think. Thankfully the first quarter of next year is jam packed with single player stuff.

divideby03135d ago

this is the way of these games...
today I just picked up GuildWars Trilogy for 15 bucks brand new...
I was waiting for GW2, but at this price...its a no brainer....

Myze3135d ago

Well, Guild Wars was always free to play after you bought the games. Fun game, but the amount of content (before expansions) didn't warrant a pay-to-play system, so they were right to make it free.