Heavy Rain to introduce delayed trophies, solve common achievement problem

In the interest of establishing a mood and not having it ruined by a Trophy alert, the developers of 2010 PlayStation 3 game Heavy Rain have been authorized by Sony to do something new.

Heavy Rain will have Trophies. But you won't be told that you earned them until the breaks between the game's chapters.

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gaffyh3202d ago

As long as they actually unlock I'm fine with it, but if it glitches and doesn't unlock, I'd be pissed.

sikbeta3202d ago

Not a big Deal, I'll enjoy this game so much

Jsynn73202d ago

That's cool. Helps keep a movie feel.

Trebius3202d ago

Not that I care...but if i'm immersed in the game i could see the ding and trophy message kind of pulling me away for a split second...

But's not really that big a deal...

Aquarius3202d ago

nothing new, Linger in Shadows does this.

I hope there is a demo, so I can see how this 'game' plays.

PrimordialSoupBase3202d ago

More than no problem, all games should do this.

Aquarius3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

BTW ALL trophies will have to be a secret or 4/5 of the trophies need to be kept hidden for this to even work anyway.

I wonder what the trophies will be like because the game is meant to have multiple outcomes, not at the ending but in every single action that you take, can possibly change the whole story, if you know what I mean.

Also can someone, answer me this. Is there a character select screen at the beginning or is their a default character that you have to play with from the start? I'm just thinking all trophies will be for characters.

This game reminds me of An Inspector Calls, each character in the play had something to do with the death of a woman, they were all interlinked.
Oh god, I can't wait for this game in Feburay and GOWIII.

marinelife93202d ago

Now that is attention to detail.

gapecanpie3201d ago

Stupid idea ... good thing I don't plain on getting this.

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ian723202d ago

Fine by me also. In a game like this it makes sense.

raztad3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )


QD really wants you to forget you are actually playing a game.

I'm pretty curious about the trophies themselves. HR seems to be quite a singular experience. Cant wait.

multipayer3202d ago

I think Heavy Rain does more than just have you forget it is a game... aAAw hell, I'm gonna say it, ENJOY GOING TO THE MOVIES ALONE! XD

raztad3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Thanks man.

I'm almost sure I'm gonna enjoy that "movie". Only on the PS3. Different games for different gamers. No kids allowed.

Getting HR day one. Delaying MAG till I've done with HR.

EDIT: I forgot to tell, I wouldnt be alone. LOL. My wife is gonna be there. Cant wait.

multipayer3202d ago

Fine, it's a "movie", and if your kids ever touched the PS3 you'd beat them to death. Than your wife would leave you AND ENJOY WATCHING IT ALONE!!! XD

MAG would also make an excellent addition to Heavy Rain, MAG being completely multiplayer and this focused on singleplayer.

Blaze9293201d ago

if you're curious about Trophies watch this:

I agree with him, Trophies for this game seem like they really won't work becuase it's forcing you to do something a certain way if you want that trophy which completely goes against how Cage wants the game to be played. If I were him, I'd leave it out completely or at least make it so that none are unlockable until after the first playthrough.

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Milky3202d ago

oh man this makes me want it even more.

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