Gran Turismo 5 GT Academy demo gameplay

A new gameplay video from the Gran Turismo 5 demo.

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anh_duong3137d ago

i still can't work out how they squeezed the demo in just 220mb

Antan3137d ago

Just bare bones really, one track, two cars, a few mp3 toons..........

hay3137d ago

Yeah, it's very basic. Appears to be using a bit downgraded/compressed Prologue assets. Even people on tribunes appear to be exchanged by 2D animations.
You can't fit much in 220megs you know.

Bungie3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

GT5 is all cars and tracks

220 mb sounds reasonable

there's no physics and real damage and other stuff

hope the final version have them

but the grafix is mind blowing

EDIT : wait there's no Tire Deformations :(

DasBunker3137d ago

LOL @ Above.. does anybody else finds ironic how somebody with the name of "Bungie" has the guts to criticise the technical aspects of a game (altough i think everybody here and their dogs know hes trolling).. when certain game developed by bungie (not gonna say the name :P) is really subpar technically speaking..

sikbeta3137d ago

Why don't you go watch again and keep admiring the Trailer of Reach like if its the second coming of god and let us, PS3 owners alone with our Amazing Variety of games


Its just 220mb, but that's the whole idea for the GT Academy Demo and like everything PD make is near to perfect, for sure

ABizzel13137d ago

The speed of the game seems faster which is a plus. Car models look amazing inside and out. The only thing I want to see are the features outside of racing, what car damage will look like, online, and other tracks (want some more scenery).

2010 can't come soon enough.

rezenu3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Bungie, I don't know why you would think someone would take your comments seriously.

we won3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

I have to disagree with you for once, the gameplay graphics are lackluster to put it nicely. No wonder there are no GT fans in here, this is shameful. I read in almost every preview that the replays and the gameplay visuals are clearly different quality almost saying WTF!.

Only the die hard fans are coming in here with their fictitious enthusiasm and praise. No wonder the game is late to release.

I can't believe I disagree with you and no doubt some of your disagrees are from people that can't believe you said that and not just people that hate you or disagree with your physics comments. By the way the game's physics look like average multi platform racers, even some from last generation.

This is why PS3 fans keep trying to use how compressed the demo is, as an excuse. That Nissan was moving more loosely than a Race One(R1) class car in other Sims(twitchy with no weight)That Nissan is suppose to have stiff(er) handling. I can't make that Nissan move like that in the game I play.

MrJack3136d ago

Its an old build and really stripped out, all textures are compressed and there is no damage.

talltony3136d ago

Trolling in a ps3 article when he doesn't even own a ps3. Who's the troll now b!tch? Atleast I own all consoles, you only have eyes for 360 and you know it. We all know gt5 looks amazing, we have seen other vids not from this demo. You prolly think forza 3 looks better dnt ya?

Bathyj3136d ago

We Won attack the difference in graphic between gameplay and replay?
Like Forza doesnt insert a higher poly count, more detailed car into its replays, its not even the same car model you drive, unlike GT.

And then attacks the physics?

Fail again, we've all see the Forza videos of cars balancing on their noses for 30 seconds, or clipping through walls, rolling when they touch a bit of road edging on a corner, or any of the other ridiculous Forza physics glitches I've never even seen in car games going back to Pole Position.

Man, what a loser.

Perkel3136d ago

yeahh 220mb is.. littlee..

LiL T3136d ago

Its funny to see so many xboxers here, didn't they have some kind of racer come out latley. I think it was PGR3. Anways I thought they were all about playing their tripple b games and not having time to comment.

DeepInterludium3136d ago

The GT Academy Demo is more definitive than Forza 3.

Mr Marbles3136d ago

This is what they are going to try and top Forza with? Wow, I've seen Forza3 and this ain't even in the same league.

Bathyj3136d ago


I'm glad thats starting to take off.
Oh yeah, I thought of that. ;)

rockleex3135d ago

Cars and tracks take a LOT more space than lines of code needed for the physics.

I don't know why Xbox fanboys keep bringing up damage when Forza 3 only offers Driver 2 (for the PS1) type of damage. They're a shameless bunch I tells ya.

Physics? There's been no other car game that allows you to hit the wall, make your car jump in mid-air and do a nosedive into the ground, then stay balanced for 30 seconds, and let you drive away with barely any scratches or damage done to your car.

And if you are talking about tires wearing out, Gran Turismo has had that since the PS1 era.

Very definitive.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3137d ago

Beautiful graphics only on and only possible on the king of consoles, the PS3. Hey Xbums, getting tired of your GT5 wannabe already? :D

we won3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

This game looks like a hot mess. I was so dissopointed in the visuals I did not even finish watching the video.

CernaML3136d ago

Oh you're disappointed by a tiny demo with cut down visuals to fit in a 220MB installation? Oh you poor thing. The Xbox 360 must disappoint you overall then.

3136d ago
C_SoL3136d ago

it's a demo and anyways this game is for true race fans like my self.

Supercalifragili3137d ago

A little bit disappointed by this demo. Hoped a better game.

randomwiz3137d ago

its not meant to be a demo. Its meant to be a competition.

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