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I have no doubt that once we see more of Gran Turismo 5 we will be very impressed as I'm hoping that the presentation issues will be fixed with some last minute touch ups. As the game stands at the moment it is unfortunately quite a bit off the quality of the Forza 3's of this world, however there is time for that to change and I'm sure it will.


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Keyop3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

They're trying to find new driving talent for the Nissan Race team, so no arcade handling will be present. As for damage, I'm not sure it's needed in a one car TT race anyway, so don't see that as an issue.

Personally I'm interested in seeing how the physics have changed from GT5P, and how 'real' it feels to drive using a G25 wheel.

We're still a long way off from release date, so I'm not expecting the Academy demo to be that representative of the final game, but it should be a bit of fun in the meantime!

wxer3200d ago

all i need is the ability to change those speed cages in to analog cages

everything is just fine with me
and even if i cant do that .... i think i can live with it

rockleex3200d ago

This is a GT Academy demo.

n4gno3200d ago

"GT5 is going to embarrass Forza"

THe "40$ demo" already embarass the best 2009 360 exclusive, forza.

DERKADER3200d ago

What I don't understand is why they don't use the latest build of the game. Are they trying to impress people or confuse them? Because all I'm seeing is a GT5P demo with one new track and supposedly new physics. I was really exited about this Demo(people are screaming it's not a demo it's GT Academy, who cares?)then they released the info and it was kind of a let down. Rant over, will be incredibly fun driving on the 17th with the DFGT wheel.

rockleex3200d ago

Because people will mistake this for a demo of GT5... when it's NOT.

Its just a way for people to get into the GT Academy competitions.

DERKADER3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

It's not a GT5 Demo it just coincidentally demonstrates new GT5 tech.

That was sarcasm for all of those idiots who couldn't make the connection that demo and demonstrate are the same thing.

beardpapa3200d ago

people don't seem to understand that this is a TT for the gt academy and is no representation of GT5. 220mb file size already kinda sums up that a lot of assets from the game were taken out. Only necessity to assure a fair and accurate TT for the competition is the physics engine. They probably could've done w/o some of the other textures and shave off a couple mb here and there.

Afterall, isn't this download called Gran Turismo Academy? Not Gran Turismo 5?

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Sonyslave33200d ago

Forza 3 is the new king of sims.

itchy183200d ago

what? new king of THE SIMS? lmao!

wxer3200d ago

yah and pigs can fly too


FiftyFourPointTwo3200d ago

Ownedza 3 is just MS Paint with cars on it. Definitive car painting simulator.

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Sarcasm3200d ago

lol the trolls are going to have a ball with this one.


Based off a 220mb demo...

Serial_EDX3200d ago

More like the fact of 5 years and all they have to show is 2 demos. 1 of which was 40$.

Pennywise3200d ago

Serial, you belong in the open zone.

GT5 is going to embarrass Forza.

bjornbear3200d ago

GT5P was initially roughly 6 GB

Now it has been compressed to 1.9 to be transferable on PS Store, but thats a pretty damn big demo =P

iron_sheik3200d ago

it had just 8 cars on track, looked bad and mega flopped in sales
GT5P is way ahead of forza3 so no need to even bring up GT5

Sarcasm3200d ago

"More like the fact of 5 years and all they have to show is 2 demos. 1 of which was 40$."

It's a lot better than that so called definitive racing game with low polygon EVERYTHING and mildly upgraded physics compared to part 2.

Don't get me wrong, I like F3 but I'm not brainwashed by an arrogant developer like the rest of the sheep.

3200d ago
gamingisnotacrime3200d ago

If GT5 P had a different name and shipped as a full game at $40 it would have been a steal. Prologue has lots of cars, online capable and i played it a lot when i bought it, so those $40 were well spent, but then people who have not played it go on and on with "late demo" 5 years in the making" blah blah blah, but when GT5 arrives there will be no need to defend it, it will be epic.

sikbeta3200d ago

"More like the fact of 5 years and all they have to show is 2 demos. 1 of which was 40$"

I prefer that than an slightly update sequel of a game, sorry

Oner3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

@ Sarcasm ~ "lol the trolls are going to have a ball with this one.


Based off a 220mb demo..."

Exactly. Especially when this is the Gran Turismo ACADEMY Demo. NOT a GT5 Demo ~

"The Gran Turismo 5 demo (actually Gran Turismo Academy Demo) has been made available to a select few people today, with screenshots and videos popping up everywhere...Unfortunately, GT5's new damage engine will still not be shown off, so it looks like we'll have to wait for the full game until we really get to try out that feature.

With that said, someone with access to the demo also received an email from Sony that wanted to

******emphasize this is not a demo of Gran Turismo 5******

and is only being released for GT Academy. Polyphony Digital has also posted a new press release, clearly stating the demo was

**"specifically designed for this competition to showcase the realism of the brand-new physics engine"**

and nothing more."

Source ~

So as usual I wouldn't expect certain types of "gamers" like Serial_EDX to base their ASSumptions off of FACTS or actually PLAYING the game though...but that is what happens when bias & immaturity clouds ones judgment.

Microsoft Xbox 3603200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Forza 3 is all hyped trash. I have been playing the game extensively and have come to a conclusion that it has not done much since F2. The car selection is WEAK too. The physics are too arcadey and the graphics of the cars is a hit and miss. Some cars look a step up but majority of them look like they came straight from F2. If I had to name Turn 10 with one word, I'd call them "lazy". Absolutely no dedication has been put into this game.

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pyramid3200d ago

quote:"Now I’m not entirely sure how old this demo is, however what I will say is that the overall presentation is slightly lacking, sure that cars look ultra realistic as you would except, however the grass, sand and crowds don’t really do the game any favours. The grass doesn’t seem to have any character with no individual blades sticking up, making it feel rather flat and unrealistic and the sand is just as bad, blowing up a rather sad pillar of smoke as you drive through it, meanwhile the crowds don’t move and they also let off a distinct lack of atmosphere"

Thats really a shame.Flat grass textures,bad effects.It does not look good at all.Why couldnt they put the london track in?Guess its too much screentearing and framerate drops.

chewmandinga3200d ago

How am i supposed to concentrate on driving when the fugly grass keeps distracting me?

Bodyboarder_VGamer3200d ago

The game has vsync so, screen-tearing is impossible to see. And the game's running at 60fps so even if the frame-rate drops it would be unnoticeable without proper equipment to analyze it. Unless it goes below 30fps of course.

Your trolling failed.

iron_sheik3200d ago

rather than trolling why didnt you buy a copy of forza3 . atleast the game might have been spared from mega flopping in sales

JANF3200d ago

@ iron_sheik

"atleast the game might have been spared from mega flopping in sales"

1.58 mil in a month is a flop, going by your logic almost every PS3 exclusive must be a flop.

CernaML3200d ago

"going by your logic"

No actually he's going by the 360 fanboy's logic.

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alphakennybody3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Its not a demo it's a specific built for the damn freaking event. Carve that in your brains.It wasn't intended to be a preview built or representative of the final game.

@ignore the guy below me ,don't bother fueling ( replying) to this brazier

Serial_EDX3200d ago

So instead of spending time working on the game, They wasted it making a special Demo?

No wonder it will never release.

hay3200d ago

Yo Eddy, you look quite healthy concerning... Well, you know.

I agree, it appears like not quite recent build but for sake of the event updated physics is enough.

Perkel3200d ago

@ SerialEDX

"They wasted it making a special Demo? "

yes they wasted time to give oportunity for some lucky Gran Turismo Player and give him chance to compete in GT4 Season in REAL LIFe.

you can't spin it..

mrv3213200d ago

Two worlds wasn't that in developement for like 10 years... and the Alan Wake that was supposed to be out ages ago.

So yeah, I don't know what your getting at, unless of course you prefer short singleplayer, identical multiplayer then your in luck with ODST...

3200d ago
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