RUMOR: FF13 First Shipment = 1.8 Million, 200K Lightning Bundles Available!

2ch is reporting that SE has planned to ship 200k FF13 lightning bundles ,along with 1.8m copies of FF13 for the launch week of the game

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iron_sheik3136d ago

I mean 200k odd budles for the biggest rpg this gen
a shipment of 1.8m given the enormous hype for the game

it sounds legit to me
the game is already sold out at most of the japanese stores by the way so definitely legit TO ME

kalebgray923136d ago

even if others deserved the sales more...cant wait till march

GameGambits3136d ago

I hope my copy gets shipped soon. The wait is killing me! :(

RememberThe3573136d ago

half of FF sales are in Japan, so I'm guessing it will sell FAR more on the PS3 then the 360.

nbsmatambo3136d ago

i bet there r still gonna b shortages

sikbeta3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

They definitely need to put more games and definitely more bundles, probably those bundles will go to collectors guys instead of people that don't have a PS3 and with 1.8m games for a +4m fanbase, is not enugh


Isn't Gran Turismo the Best PS seller

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kratos1233136d ago

what 200k and im certain they will sell out

iron_sheik3136d ago

given the enormous hype for the game
remember that even the ff13 demo sold some 50k ps3s so 200k seems a little low but accurate nevertheless
ofcourse those bundles will sell out in no time
also 1.8m seems very right . it is FF13 the biggest rpg of this gen

SilverSlug3136d ago

Limited edition and 200,000 is probably the largest 'limited edition' PS3 so far. I know the Yakuza 3 dragon PS3's were 40,000 or something.

Yes, they will sell out.

Blasphemy3136d ago

I am thinking they will sell 400k PS3s this week.

krouse933136d ago

YEa or more even tho that is a Fuchton

Myst3136d ago

Looks like Japanese only..?

Also what is it with one forum linking to another? :P. Anyway if it is Japanese only then I guess that's good for a start, but worldwide I'm sure it will pass that. When I pre-ordered back in the summer there were already 200 pre-orders ahead of me, now I don't even know what to think and this is just in my small area alone. All I know for a fact is that I want to play the game :(

RememberThe3573136d ago

It will sell more then 1.8mil in Japan, much more.

Obama3136d ago

And the sales bots think the 360 version will sell better (laugh)

eagle213136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

They would only buy Final Halo Fantasy

Assassin Creed3136d ago



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