8.0 Review: God of War Collection It is not easy to categorize gaming publications like God of War Collection, but if we vote for the more appropriate term to define them, call them "early editions.

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Chris3992991d ago

Not impressed by the fact that the demo voucher included does not work. One of the draws to purchasing this collection was to have a taste of GOW 3. Yes, I've contacted SCEA and they referred me to their web support to fix the issue, but it's disappointing nonetheless. Apparently, this is a rather common issue.

Other than that foible, the games are great, still as compelling as ever. They've done some amazing work with the FPS and scaling too, the game looks crisp. Other than the textures (still wish they has redone their mapping), it looks like an early gen PS3 game.

The team behind the initial design was brilliant, to have something hold the test of time as it has. Especially when seeing the leaps - technologically - between this gen and the last.

Raf1k12991d ago

I was going to mention that the GoW3 voucher only works on the US PSN but you mentioned contacting SCEA so I'm assuming you live in the States.

I imported my copy from and the voucher code worked fine for me.

Chris3992991d ago

But the support was from SCEA (though they have a French language option when you call, but the call was still routed to the States).

They were pretty helpful, but it's still kind of irritating. I really want to play that damned demo that everyone is talking about! :)

I imagine that they'll send me an e-mail or replacement voucher code soon.