RAGE to be Published by Bethesda Softworks

ZeniMax Media Inc., parent company of id Software, announced today that it has picked up the publishing rights for RAGE, the video game under development at id Software.

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Pennywise3111d ago

Just hearing this makes my brain freeze.

PS360WII3111d ago

Is that good or bad? I just find it interesting that they got this game away from EA. I would have thought EA would fight over this IP. It looks good and it's from id software?!

but hey I suppose ZeniMax said hey we own this developer and we want to publish our own titles now.

In the end it means more internal work for the finishing touches rather than some random team at EA.

Mr_Bun3111d ago

I'm pretty sure Penny is referring to Fallout 3 locking up consoles every 20 minutes or so throughout the game.

PS360WII3111d ago

Hmm Fallout 3 didn't freeze that much on me but I had it for 360 and PC then later I got the GOTY edition for PS3 which actually hasn't given me any problems. Though I have heard the original PS3 version wasn't the best. Bethesda is only the publisher id is still the developer so I wouldn't worry really.

Pennywise3111d ago

I am talking about FO3 being the game most likely to freeze my PS3.

I almost sent my PS3 in for repairs... Then I stopped playing FO3 and my PS3 was fine.

toaster3111d ago

Was it that bad? I have FO3 for PC and it's silky smooth on max settings.

PS360WII3111d ago

Ah I see, well that is a fair complaint. Though like I said in my last post. Beth is only publishing. id gets to develop it the way they want and I'd assume that means not as much freezing as F3 lol

andron6663111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

So on the technical side you'll have to complain to iD software if it's a freezing monster. LOL EA was connected to publsih before, so Bethesda might be a better option? EA has a spotty record so we might be better off.

Seriously it'll be interesting to see how iD handles console gaming and it's the biggest release from then in some time...

lokin3111d ago

I wondered what would happen with RAGE after the news broke that ZeniMax bought iD. Well, doesn't realy matter who publishes it. I have a feeling this is going be something special. fingers crossed.

Guido3111d ago

Hope this game turns out ok. From what I understand, they are not helping out with the developing but only publishing.

Feral Gamer3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

They're only publishing it, are you really that stupid?

Here I thought Pennywise had common sense...

TheDeadMetalhead3111d ago

Fallout 3 locks up for me a ton, too. I've also had an almost-game-breaking bug on every DLC I've played so far (all of them but Point Lookout). :/

But as long as Rage doesn't use Bethesda's crappy game engine, it should be fine.

Tony P3111d ago


Everyone learn the difference between devs and the publisher so you can sound smarter at the adult's table.

Sarcasm3111d ago

Bethesda seems to publish anything nowadays though, crap or excellent.

The recent ones are crap.

- That cheap Wii Racing game that got one of the lowest scores ever
- Rogue Warrior

sikbeta3111d ago

Is going to Publish it, not Develop it...

evrfighter3111d ago

Not published by EA? Maybe Carmack really is just a has been.

I find this odd.

StanLee3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

When Zenimax bought Id you knew it was only a matter of time even though EA and Id maintained EA would remain publisher. It just didn't make sense that they wouldn't publish a game being developed within their umbrella organization. I think EA relented when they looked at what it would cost to market and distribute Rage against the shared revenue and their cut. I think they may not think it's worth the gamble.


From a lot of the comments a lot of posters have no idea what they're talking about, as usual. To clarify; Id is developing Rage, a game previously to be published by EA. Zenimax, who owns Bethesda, bought Id Software earlier this year. Both Id and Bethesda are part of parent company ZeniMax. Did you morons follow all that?

lokin3111d ago

Man, what is "odd" about a company wanting to publish what they actually own?
And remarks like "has been" about one of the legends of 3d game programming is just plain idiotic

execution173111d ago

could be a plus, maybe bethesda can use the engine to make a better less glitchy FO or Oblivion

Pennywise3111d ago

I know the difference between devs and publishers. Bethesda was mentioned so I thought I would take a cheap shot at them.

It might not of made sense, but hey I said it anyways.... put me at the little kids table... I will just teach them how to flick boogers at you.

TheDeadMetalhead3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

I know. They're just like Codemasters. The games that they actually DEVELOP are really good, but almost everything that they just publish ends up being total crap (Damnation, WET, LSL: BOB, etc.)

creeping judas3111d ago

Teach us, wise one. So we can return to the adult table.

evrfighter3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Indeed Carmack is a legend of game programming. But tell me. What work has he headed lately that will leave a lasting impression.

Zero this gen and last gen. Considering his competition next year. Rage will simply be labeled as a decent FPS. Nothing about it will live into 2011 and after. Deep down I'm sure you know this.

A lot of pc gamers I'm sure would have given him a free pass and not come down on him so hard. But he backstabbed his faithful by accusing them of pirating his games instead of owning up to the fact that his work was mediocre.

He wanted an avenue to approach console game development and backstabbed the people that made him who he is to get there. Developing games for the market that are known to buy mediocre crap. I think even he knows he's washed up.

Tony P3111d ago

@Creep & Penny:

I admire your solidarity, clowns.

The difference is explained well enough further down by TerminalGamer.

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MajestieBeast3111d ago

Bethesda ohh god no these guys have done nothing but sh!t since fall out 3 which freezed on me enough times for me to say f*ck this.

siyrobbo3111d ago

i've clocked up 60+ hours on the 360 version, and i havent suffered a single freeze or major glitch yet

maybe i'm just lucky?

TerminalGamer3111d ago

I think everyone needs to understand the difference between a "developer" and a "publisher".

A developer builds, designs, and creates a game.

A publisher financially supports a game, advertises for the game, and promotes the game.

Bethesda isn't involved in the actual making of the game, only the distribution and promotion of the game.

Bethesda developed Oblivion and Fallout 3.

Bethesda published and is publishing WET, Rogue Warrior, and RAGE.

There is a big difference between the two but a lot of the commenters don't seem to know that.

Doshaxik3111d ago

Good I'm glad, EA titles don't work online for me, and this game looks nice. Not sure if this ones online but I wouldn't want half a game. If it were published by EA the online wouldn't last for 5 minutes on my network, I know I'm not the only one out there with EA online problems.

HBK6193111d ago

It's an open-world game dude, so even if it doesn't have multiplayer/online it's hardly "half a game".

mastiffchild3111d ago

Thing is a lot of people would say, with some truth as well, that Rage is already far less of a game than originally intended, isn't it? They cut the areas from 3 down to 2 because of the lack of a HDD in arcade 360s and seeing as they're going multiple disc anyay I don't quite see why. Not that the PS3 dev won't also have added it's own restrictions to development but a third of the gameworld neing cut off is a BIG thing esp for a game as open woorkld as this is meant to be. God, I wish MS would be less stringent in the multi disc royalty system!

Anyhow, I doubt the onmline side was what stopped EA here but more likely it's an ownership of rights and studio issue with Bethesda being inm house to iD now and EA not so a deal#'s been fone to free the rights up-no biggie, imo.

Now all we have to hope for is that Carmack can stop trying to allays people's fears so often./ All he manages to do is make things worseand I've no doubt he just means well. First he tied himslef in knots trying to deny cutting game size was anything to do with royalties or the lack of HDD in arcade360s. Then when the PS3 version was lagging on framerate he did the same thing again before saying what he should have in the first place(that it would all be the same in the end and that PS3 was just lagging as it's their first go")-I'm just looking forward to it!

VTGamer113111d ago

Agreed. I wouldn't say that Fallout 3 was "half a game" even though it didn't have multiplayer. Or do you also think Bioshock was only half a game???

Jamescagney3111d ago

Isn't that a surprise seeing as they bought id :|

alphakennybody3111d ago

I sense FO3 scenario, exclusive dlc for 360 for a year then comes to the ps3 later

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