FF13 sells out on Amazon Japan; Profiteers charge $150 for spare copies

It looks like FF13 could be heading for some severe shortages in Japan and those who ordered early are set to profit from it.

A day before the game releases in Japan, Amazon Japan have closed down orders for Final Fantasy XIII, stopping anyone who hasn't already preordered from obtaining the game through them.

Already profiteers who ordered multiple copies of the game have seen their chance to sell the game for extra - and copies are selling for 13,500 Yen online. That's 4250 yen more than the standard retail price with tax.

That's 47 dollars more than the regular asking price and 150 US dollars! You can see the Amazon Japan listing here - those who speak the lingo will be able to see the game has been removed from further sale.

Square Enix is unlikely to have printed few copies of its biggest blockbuster, so it's likely demand for FF13 is far more than seen - meaning that FF13 could see PS3 sales rocket in Japan. Play-Asia recently told us it was their most preordered import title this generation.

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rextyrann3169d ago

i only hope that SE did not print with shortage. if they did its going to be hell in japan before holidays. all the people brawling over ff13...
i can only imagine O_o

ff12 had an 2mil sold copies on an install base of 10mil++ in japan as far as i can remember. im still betting that ff13 will reach that within 2month mebbe even 1 although ps3 still is just scratching 4mil install base. curious how the hardware sales will end up for dec / jan ^^

jashwin3169d ago

haha,sony knows about sure that they will have 10 million or something copies in stock.

iron_sheik3169d ago

so this is expected
i expect the game to sell 10m on 2 consoles

SpoonyRedMage3169d ago

Actually there is reports of SE only shipping 1.3 million copies to retailers which if true means they've either undershipped it or that the FF franchise is going into even further decline.

I hope it does great but I'm kind of concerned because Dragon Quest has the potential to overtake it as SE's franchises go and whilst I love DQ, I prefer FF.

AP3169d ago

Yeah, 1.3 million. .7 less than XII. Not much confidence in the PS3's smaller userbase, I guess.

Chubear3169d ago

lol, understatement of the century lol

Foliage3169d ago

So how long from now do you guys think Microsoft is going to admit defeat and jump to their next flopbox? We all know they are going to quit, and the fanbabies are going to pretend like the generation is over and that Microsoft won, completely overlooking the year/year and a half head start.

They are so predictable.

AP3169d ago

@foilage, let's see how the 360 version of ff13 sells in the west first.

CrazzyMan3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

It`s amazing, that finally this time has come.

Funny thing, FFXIII still will be a 1st JRPG million seller this gen.

sikbeta3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

We all know just from the beginning how Crazy Japan is going to be about FF13, except for the writer of this article

"so it's likely demand for FF13 is far more than seen - meaning that FF13 could see PS3 sales rocket in Japan"

And now, 2 days before FF13 release day, the writer realise about that


SpoonyRedMage3169d ago

'Funny thing, FFXIII still will be a 1st JRPG million seller this gen.'

On console's yes, overall, no.

WildArmed3169d ago

it'd be like the wii n ps3 rampage in which people were killed. =/

Sitdown3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Geeez, did Microsoft kill one of your family members? Seriously...give it a rest...this article is about great news for ps3, and you come in here talking about Microsoft. We all know Microsoft is not strong in Japan, but apparently it is doing okay in the US...again I say, "SERIOUSLY"...move on, enjoy this article without having to bash the competition. Yeah Microsoft had a year head start this generation...but are you overlooking that Sony had a whole generation head start in establishing their Brand? So is life...

evrfighter3169d ago

"So how long from now do you guys think Microsoft is going to admit defeat and jump to their next flopbox? "

lol wow did Bill Gates take your lunch money some years ago? Hilarious

rockleex3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

There's only almost 4 million PS3s sold in Japan so far. Shipping 1 million means they expect one out of four Japanese PS3 gamer to buy FFXIII.

1 out of 3, or 1 out of 4 is an AMAZING attach ratio for a video game.

I wonder how much Square shipped for FFX in Japan when it released, and how many PS2s were sold in Japan by that time.

Saaking3169d ago

1.3 million is just not enough. Yes, FFX, XI, and XIII sold to a much larger install based; however, it seems the attach rate is much higher this gen compared to last. MGS4 has sold around 4.5 million on just 25 million consoles while previous MGS sold maybe 5-7 million on an install base of 100 million. See the difference? This gen, a lot of games sell a lot more than their last gen counterparts.

shawnsl653168d ago

I better pre-order my copy over here. Don't want the same thing to happen or maybe i do.. sell it back to my fellow rpger's for some $_$ j/k don't pop my bubbles pls.

Skip_Bayless3168d ago

This is the game that will make PS3 sell over 100,000 units every week consistently in Japan. Xbox 360 only sells 5,000 every week in Japan.

vhero3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

surprised its actually out tommorow I thought the game would never see the light of day I mean its been delay after delay with this game. Can't wait for this or Versus either.

N4g_null3168d ago

Just a thought multiplatform games have been better on the xbox360 so far. For what ever reason I have never seen a multiplatform game sell better on the ps3. Yet square was far to Sony and did not release this for the xbox360. The question is what if us and uk xbox ff sales beat the ps3? Just a what if, I've seen stranger things happen like nintendo winning this gen with almost no 3rd party help.

1million units is low and the scalper are causing an artifical sell out similar to what happened with the wii. Another question is what do the system sales reflect.

I'm not seeing alot of excitment in the current hd gamers over this game right now. It seems like we may have a case where the hype has simply expired. Also ff has to go up against ut2 killzone and gow for best looking grapics. I'm not sure ps3 fanboys won't to admit a multiplatform game looks better. If that is the case then ff has lost way more appeal than it had when this game was one of the sole reason many got ps3s because it was exclusive in the beginning of this gen.

It is getting hard to tell who is an actual fan of this game because most fanboys only care about bragging rights. Out of the fanboys claiming ps3 victory who is actualy going to buy this game?

I guess my point is excitement does not pay the bills niether does hype, genuine gamers where are you guys. Stop worrying over sales figures. Admit that if the xbox stays second that you will still hate it for actualy some very good reasons. Defetive products should not be a part of gaming. Luckly Sony doesn't have that problem this gen.

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iron_sheik3169d ago

i am so glad i will be getting mine on a 1 BD disc with uncompressed sound and video on my ps3
i expect FF13 to sell the most on PS3 for obvious reasons-Jap exclusive, eu preference, 1 BD disc and uncompressed video at 1080p,uncompressed audio

densai3169d ago

lol, youre so wrong saying only rpgs worth it, but at least you got the version of ff13 to get right

iron_sheik3169d ago

i played dragon age, mass effect ,valkyrie,demon souls
The only real good one among them was demon souls

However no RPG comes close to FF. you may bribe reviewers to give out 10 for fallout 3 (a garbage game) but it wont be anywhere near FF

FF13 and FF13 versus are the BIGGEST and the BADDEST RPGS this gen like every other gen

densai3169d ago

so what youre saying is... youve got no taste. lol. ok. ff13 and vs will be good also, but w/e

Keowrath3169d ago

That's your opinion, not fact. I've always preferred Japanese RPG's but this generation, the western RPG's have blown the eastern RPG's away.

After so many disappointments with Final Fantasy since FF VIII, I'm not massively excited about XIII. I hope it and vs are good but you need to state your opinion as just that, not fact.

Somnipotent3169d ago

how can you even know that... have you even played them yet? it's an opinion at best.

NYC_Gamer3169d ago

Well its plenty of Wrpgs out there that i like to play..i'm not really into Jrpg but i cant take nothing away from them..

Johnny Rotten3169d ago

pffft I'll take a good dungeon crawler such as Demon Souls over this any day.

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AP3169d ago

Have the final countdown in my head now. Curse you!

Jsynn73169d ago

Yeah I know. I did it to myself too. Sorry!

densai3169d ago

xbox buried and wii catch up in japan begins here.

blackmamba7073169d ago

^^ this man speaks the truth

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