TheSixthAxis: GT5 Academy Demo Impressions

TheSixthAxis goes hands on with this week's GT 5 Academy demo. Improved physics? Check. Same graphics? Check. Damage? ...

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Terry Tate3137d ago

Will I need to have a copy of GT5P to play this, or will this Time Trial thing stand alone? I got rid of my GT5P about a month after I got it, and would not buy it again.

andron6663137d ago

It's part of a timne trial competition too, the academy part. Can't wait to try it myself...

rockleex3137d ago

Its just for competition between gamers, and to show off some of their new physics.

C_SoL3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

"The backend steps out far too easily and there was a real lack of grip with all but the gentlest of bends."

That means the traction control is off buddy.

People need to learn a thing or two about cars to play this game before they b!tch and moan about the game.

PS I'm not applying that the author was b!tching or moaning. He seemed to enjoy it the taste of gt5.

LiL T3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

GT5= Mind blown

Might have to import this game because my G27 is going to get lonely.

@Terry, How are those pedals, I still haven't got my wheel yet and my options are open.

WOW @ the disagree.

Terry Tate3137d ago

I'll download this so I have a reason to use my Fanatec Turbo S and clubsport pedals on the PS3!

Terry Tate3137d ago

LOL at the disagrees. Seriously, I really will be using my Fanatec wheel with this demo/time trial.

Theonik3137d ago

Do you know if this will support the G25 like GT5P did?

LiL T3137d ago

@ Terry, Ya I know eh! apparently people disagree with us using the wheel, ah well I gave you a bubble.

@ Theo yes you will be able too.

DelbertGrady3136d ago

Isn't the Fanatec Turbo S also 360 compatible? If so, there's your answer to the disagrees.

Theonik3136d ago

@lil T
Thank you, i am so looking forward to this! And another question, is the G27 worth it if you have the G25, thanks in advance.
@Soda, what does that have to do with anything? If the wheel is also 360 compatible that won't change the fact he can use it on PS3...
It's either stupid fanboys are spamming disagrees in here or someone is jealous, lol

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Lavagasm3137d ago


Sarcasm3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

As usual, the person in the video sucks at simulation racing games. Complaining about a RWD 370z oversteering is like complaining about a hot girl having too nice of a butt. IT IS WHAT IT IS!

Kattleox3137d ago

he says "the back steps out in the corners" and "the steering is skittish". That is sounds EXACTLY like a Fairlady to me, provided that its being driven by somebody who knows nothing about cars. Kudos to Polyphony for nailing the 370z's physics!

sikbeta3137d ago

Too much Arcade style racing for this guy, now he can't stand The Real Driving Simulator XD

bumnut3137d ago

1 track? is it an oval? oval tracks are boring.

i hope its not an oval! i can't see the video because im in work.

peeps3137d ago

i doubt it would be an oval when it's a competition to see who can get the best time trial

Milky3137d ago

dont worry its not an oval, it has a couple of corners and straights and a long, gentle bend. Looks nice!

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