Analysis: 360 Software Leads as Nintendo Falters

Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews looks at the changing U.S. software landscape as part of their November NPD analysis, finding that Xbox 360 software is surging into the sales gap left by a declining Nintendo market.

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trancefreak3205d ago

well @ least there is a market for 3 console flavors. Im glad the the software gets spread around. It makes the company rethink there strategy when they can oversaturate the market with the same shovelware.

Xeoset3205d ago

The Xbox 360 almost has 40% of the market share.

Shame the PC wasn't added but with direct download I guess it is a little unfair. Mind you, the Xbox 360's may be higher with the XBL library.

Bluemaster773205d ago

Holy smackers thats nearly 40% damn !

PS360WII3205d ago

Do they mean just the Wii? If they mean Nintendo then they still have the lead at 40. Wii with 29 and DS with 11 while the 360 has a solid 37%

ah well silly numbers

Socomer 19793205d ago

when is this game coming out?

oh no, its only available in america.
oh well, maybe i'll get this game next year.

Xi3205d ago

Because I know that they play sales. How else to they decide on which console they should release their games?

Remember it's all about maximizing profits for developers.

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