Web TV - Christmas Special PS3 awarded best console for Christmas

In this special Christmas edition of The Gadget Show Web TV Jon and Dionne count down the top 50 gadgets for Christmas 2009!

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Guido3049d ago

It is packed with features, won't fail on you in three weeks, and it looks cool. Everybody knows the cool kids want a PS3 this holiday season.

iron_sheik3048d ago

it is best for everything
x360 although might be defective is second best
but clearly wii is the worst console ever . i mean even ps2 games look and play better than wii games.wii is a joke

mint royale3048d ago

Your a joke :)

I've been having fun playing Uncharted 2 and NSMB wii. I had the best of both worlds.

unrealgamer583048d ago

and you live in youre mothers basement =]

jalen2473048d ago

Title is misleading since they ranked the Wii higher than the PS3. That TV at number 1 is sick!

mac4u103047d ago

im with you on that one, that tv looks amazing no black bars on top and bottom of the screen, i wonder why all HD tvs didn't follow suit its a waist of space cutting out the sides on the telly when watching a movie. on DVD/Bluray