Zelda Wii doesn't have a defined graphical style yet

According to Eiji Aonuma, Zelda Wii may even sport a style yet to be seen in a Zelda title.

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Valay3081d ago

While I don't expect this to happen, it'd be hilarious if the game was cel-shaded. Link could end up looking incredibly odd. Cel-shaded graphics seem to suit Zelda games best when Link is young (although I suppose I can't say for sure since we haven't seen Link as an adult in that style).

whothedog3081d ago

haha I loved Wind Waker style and graphics. Depends on the style of the game for the graphics I guess.

hitthegspot3081d ago

It would be interesting to see what they come up with.

Government Cheese3080d ago

I hope its the same Graphics like in Super Mario Galaxy, That would be cool

EvilTwin3081d ago

Oh Ninty, you're such a tease.

Baka-akaB3081d ago

The thing i gather from this is ... how do people keep thinking it's close and showing for sure at E3 ? Doesnt sound like a really advanced state if he doesnt know yet how it will looks like .

I'm not in hurry thought , it always has and always will takes time to release a zelda .

EvilTwin3081d ago

The thing is, we don't know how much of what they're saying is truly accurate, or just something to distract us and throw us off (so that we'll actually be surprised at E3).

SpoonyRedMage3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Well you change a visual style quite far into development, it just depends on how they work or he could mean that they're trying something wildly different for the look.(which matches what he said)

kunit22c3080d ago

I guess you didn't see the other statement from Aonuma just a little bit ago of him saying its actually kinda far in development. Well here it is. http://www.nintendoeverythi...

Eamon3081d ago

KEEP IT the SAME art style as Twilight Princess. I absolutely loved that game.

ChickeyCantor3080d ago

You know windwaker style is more of a beast =P dont defy it.

3080d ago
ChickeyCantor3080d ago

Nope disagree, even when something is cel-shaded, an artstyle still needs to be applied to it.

Look at how many cel-shaded games there are, and only few actually standout.

DitkaKenobi3080d ago

I really liked the Wind Waker's style. I'm sure it's not everyone's cup of tea but it seemed to fit the game very well. I don't really think it will matter what art style they choose, though. After playing in HD on my 360/PS3, the visuals of all Wii games disappoint. It's a shame.

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