No jungle inside: The 100 most impressive CryEngine-2-Screenshots

Crysis 2 needs a new setting. No jungle please. This is what the fan base says. So how may Crysis 2 look like without the tropical setting? The 100 best CryEngine 2-Screenshots present a Never-before-seen-Crysis.

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kaveti66162923d ago

The best environments that the Cryengine 2 can make are the jungles/forests/leafy environments. That's what Crytek do best.

-Alpha2923d ago

I've never seen such jaw-dropping graphics in my life. The engine is truly ahead of its time and is at its prime.

Too bad I don't have a PC capable of running the godly Crysis.

evrfighter2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

I know off hand some of these pics are from the "Real Life-sys" mod

It's a shame console gamers won't be able to experience these beautiful graphics even with Crysis 2

toaster2922d ago

Highly doubt it though. Even so, Crysis on low-medium will still obliterate anything a console can produce. I can get a stable framerate of about 25-30 on medium.

micro_invader2923d ago

No deeplinking allowed, it says.

Anyway, shots look amazing. And so many varied environments too.

Tony240ZT2923d ago

Must. See. This. In. Motion! Looks incredible.

tdrules2923d ago

Crysis 2 will be in a city environment so the consoles can cope imo.
like the cryengine 3 demo shown

Marceles2923d ago

People are sleeping on Crysis, one of the best games I've ever seen and played

Quadrix2923d ago

God, these screens are beyond belief.

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