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They say good graphics don't make good games, and that's certainly true, but they do help to enrich the whole experience. Whilst gameplay is the number one priority, playing a game that looks good and immerses you in another world is also very important.

Today's new releases have often been criticised for prioritising good looks over substance, and although this isn't always the case, it can be true. Often the technology behind a game is so heavily geared towards producing cutting edge visuals that the underlying game is left wanting, often resulting in mediocre gameplay.

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Feral Gamer3169d ago OMG I swear N4G submitters are scrapping the bottom of the barrel. What's with all these lame sites lately?

hitthegspot3169d ago

What you have somthing against the little guy? Everyone needs a chance...

Here is one of their past articles:

Redempteur3169d ago

as long as the content as something to do with "games " and it's not a flamebailt , all is good IMO

Picnic3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

This is an excellent list and I wouldn't necessarily change anything on it.

I can't even say that F Zero doesn't deserve to be on there even though the Megadrive later did a passable amount of a sprite scaling effect on Puggsy: e.g 4.17 on this:

What about Aladdin on the Megadrive for being arguably the first time that you truly felt like you were in a top quality animation?

I'd definitely include Donkey Kong Country, as incorporating 3D-modelled characters on the SNES was a great feat.

Maybe the bullet time effect on Max Payne too?