Heavy Rain On PS3 Looks To Be Shaping Up Very Nicely

TheGuardian: 2010 is shaping up to be a potential classic year for gaming. The first three months of the year are already jammed with what look like must-have games. Mass Effect 2 I've already drooled over – and played for an hour, impressions soon - and Bioshock 2 is looking similarly enticing. But there is one other title due out in the first part of next year that looks equally tasty – Heavy Rain. The PS3 exclusive is nearing completion and judging by what I saw a few months ago and by the latest previews this is looking very impressive indeed.

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Hellsvacancy3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Just coz i posted it doesnt mean i read it bollocks 2 The Guardian after there "PS3 Is A Disappointment For Gamers" article

I cant stress how much i want Heavy Rain ive been SOO bored with the state of gamin i started 2 think at the ripe age of 25 that i may b growin outta gamin, been waitin 4 Heavy Rain ever since i completed Fahrenheit

HighDefinition3165d ago

Nah man, commenting on this site to much will do that to ya. It`ll make you talk about a game so much it can live up to expectations. I stay away from gameplay vids and just talking about a game in general to much before it comes out. Alot of the threads just get invaded with people dissing the game anyway. Like this one will w/ "Its not a game it`s a movie" comments.

Hellsvacancy3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

I agree completely boss, in all honesty i havnt seen much of Heavy Rain at all, i watched the Origami Killer demo and 1 other of wid sum dude carry his son on his shoulders and that it, i was sold years ago b4 the game was even announced

Im just SOOOO f-in sick of hearin about Halo-Reach, thats when i talk about "growin outta gamin" its just more of the same that every-1's already played yet the mofo's in the gamin media r like "oh my god its like a totaly new experience" U hav a gun and shoot - thats pretty much ithe game

I got my eye on The Last Guardian aswel but hav yet 2-play ICO and
Shadow Of The Colossus - im lookin 2 change that

*Throws a bubble in2 the air and bats it over 2 HighDefinition*