10 Things the Nintendo Zii Could Be

This morning's revelations about an all new Nintendo Zii have got gadget fanatics the world over obsessing about just what Ninty's new trademark means. Is it the much-hyped Wii 2? Or how about a revoltuonary take on the Nintendo DS? Here are ten things that the Nintendo Zii could be.

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3079d ago
jjesso19933079d ago

i dont see them making hi def wii for some time but ds has been around for long time now and think it would perfect time for a new handheld i love my ds and would love to see a new handhelp from nintendo

darthv723079d ago

Although, the dsi would be considered a new ds because it has many more improvements and additions than a simple basic revision like the various psp's had (1000/2000/3000).

Maybe they should bring back the "gameboy" unless they are set on moving forward with the "ds" naming.

An hd wii can be done right now with a system update opening up the ati chip to higher resolutions. It may not be at the same level as a 360 or ps3 but it is better than the original xbox and that was able to do hd res on some games.

OpenGL3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

The Wii has 3MB of eDRAM for the frame buffer, which is not nearly large enough for native 720p or higher games. The 360 in comparison has 10MB of eDRAM and developers still have to use some efficient tiling to achieve 720p with anti-aliasing.

asdr3wsfas3079d ago

Agree with opengl, most xbox or ps3 games aren't even native 720p and Halo 3 is 640p without anti-aliasing cause of 64 bit lighting. Though he may have just meant HD output upscaled from 480p natively rendered seeing as even on the HD consoles HD output doesn't mean exactly that.

multipayer3078d ago

Anything new that takes a screen is pretty much guaranteed high def. With nintendo it is a bit iffy, but at least if you combine both screens it'll be an HD resolution.

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borgome3079d ago

One thing it won't be for sure is Nintendo Zii, that is just stupid.

It's going to be called Nintendo WiiWii.

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Dark-vash3079d ago

After reading about this:

Probably some device that will use the technology... let's wait and see!

Dark-vash3079d ago

Why the disagrees?

Are people afraid of something named "StemCell Computing" ? It's not like Nintendo is going to steal Ps3 technology -_-'

If the name "Zii" is already trademarked, I don't see Nintendo using it!

ReBurn3079d ago

The Zii in your link is not related to the Zii that Nintendo trademarked in Japan. At least according to

multipayer3078d ago

The bad puns are working, so maybe it is true.

pcz3079d ago

It sounds like the Wii has gone to sleep. ZZzzzii

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