FF13 in the wild, first gameplay screens hit the web

Some naughty stores are selling FF13 early - but we're not complaining! Images of sealed copies of the game are starting to appear as well as screenshots from early sections of the game.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3166d ago

Sayonara M$. Japan won't even remember you. LMAO

densai3166d ago

lol they never stood a chance its like stamping on a babys toys really

AP3166d ago

Game will be amazing on both. There's more to life than system wars, guys.

toaster3166d ago

The game on both systems will be great. I'm actually waiting to see how Square Enix will deliver on the 360 version as this is their first time developing a FF game for the XBox.


If you call a game thats compressed to death on the xbot good . I have no comment. but it does show that the bots don't know shlt about graphics or audio.. all there games is compressed and the bots are blind to see this .

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AP3166d ago

My import should ship tomorrow!

Bodyboarder_VGamer3166d ago

Do you speak Japanese or the game has English subtitles?

Ninji3166d ago

But you'll be able to find a translation guide by the end of December or sometime in January so it doesn't really matter.

thereapersson3166d ago

Looking very stylish and clean! I can't wait for this game to come out here in the States!

densai3166d ago

just make sure you buy the right version (its got one disc!)

AP3166d ago

Le sigh. Let's just worry about the one version in Japan, for now... and yes, it does look absolutely amazing!

Kurisu3166d ago

The graphics are extremely crisp, and the menus look tidy.

sikbeta3166d ago

Japan Madness Exprosion!!!

Sarcasm3166d ago

I have to admit, if any JRPG is worth it this time it has to be this one and soon FFversusXIII.

Hopefully Enix really did use the PS3's hardware POWAH.

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Kurisu3166d ago

Ha, if only. That will be a good day! I'm so hyped...more so than I have been for any other game in the FF series. & I've just finished reading the translated FFXIII web novel, which has got me even more excited :D

lonestarmt3166d ago

yeah massive hype for me too. I just hope it will live up to it. If it ends up being good I call that an achievement.

hatchimatchi3166d ago

Dang, japanese subs. I was really hoping the game would have english subs. I'm still gonna get it on thursday though.

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The story is too old to be commented.