Life With PlayStation Updated

The PS3's Life with PlayStation has just received an update to version 1.2. TheSixthAxis takes a look at what's inside the update.

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Noob3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

The PSN Game Trailers channel works surprisingly well. It should be something that's integrated into the XMB for quicker access(like a shortcut or something).

whoelse3169d ago

They should put the game trailers app in place of the useless PS Store link under GAME on the XMB!!

nix3170d ago

nice... they should bring everything like: Home, PSN Store, Music Videos etc. and put it under Life with PS. cleans up the XMB a lot. a cooler menu system please. i want to feel like i'm using a next gen console. i love PS3 but i find the XMB pretty hollow.

typikal823170d ago

Will fold it while I do this making my PS3 work overtime and get overheated causing a YLOD?

cuz I've already had 2 ylod's.

Xulap3170d ago


I'm actually really impressed and excited about this.

Just downloaded and I can't believe how much Life with PlayStation has improved. I actually see myself using this a lot from now on.

This has so much potential, I hope the dev team is capable of taking advantage of it.