40 New GT5 HD screenshots and videos

Direct screen grabs from GT5 in 720p along with 2 HD 60fps direct feed videos.

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sinncross3206d ago

Looks super!

Cant wait to download the trial this Thursday.

3206d ago
Hellsvacancy3206d ago

THIS THURSDAY - i didnt know that

sikbeta3206d ago

Amazing, no more words needed, but I really want to PLAY the final version

fishd3205d ago

If PD somehow eliminate those jaggies,I will be crying while playing the game,that's for sure.

Sarcasm3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

I do admit the environment still looks a little flat.

But JOLLY1 can eat crow saying Gran Turismo cars have no gloss. lmao

And those interior shots = mind blown!

It also looks like they added either more anti-aliasing or running in a higher resolution. Before the cars would have noticeable jaggies, this time around it looks extremely smooth with only tiny hints of jaggies.

Oner3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Some info for those who may not know it ~

"The Gran Turismo 5 demo (actually Gran Turismo Academy Demo) has been made available to a select few people today, with screenshots and videos popping up everywhere...Unfortunately, GT5's new damage engine will still not be shown off, so it looks like we'll have to wait for the full game until we really get to try out that feature.

With that said, someone with access to the demo also received an email from Sony that wanted to

******emphasize this is not a demo of Gran Turismo 5******

and is only being released for GT Academy. Polyphony Digital has also posted a new press release, clearly stating the demo was

**"specifically designed for this competition to showcase the realism of the brand-new physics engine"**

and nothing more."

Source ~

Hope that clears up any confusion about the graphics ;)

nycredude3205d ago

I love how all the media consider Damage to be a feature in a racing game like that is what you are supposed to do while racing. I thought the whole point on racing is not to crash! LOL

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killzowner3206d ago

than that german crap yesterday, much less jaggies than forza 3 plus these are still only 720p pictures, pronouncing the effect of jaggies more than if tyhey were 1080p, this is going to look gorgeous on my samsung LED 8 series tv :D

Strikepackage Bravo3206d ago

do you even own Forza3? cause at best this looks exactly like it, you should have left that little fanboy comment out of your post cuz I know what Forza3 looks like, and you just busted yourself out :)

One difference I see is Forza tires smoke when you accelerate out of turns at high speed spinning the tires, not sure why this is missing here, I hope they don't plan on skipping small details like that in the final game.

Antan3206d ago

Smokes always been there, just not in these grabs.

nycredude3206d ago

GTFO bravostryke

I have been playing Forza 3 just yesterday and it doesn't look as clean, has more jaggies, and the lighting in Forza is inferior to this, not to mention the depth of field is also inferior. And don't get me started on the "damage".

And your tire smoke issue is called arcade style. Have you ever raced on a real track with real race cars? You don't get "tire smoke" accelerating out of turns unless you lose traction.

Just face it Forza 3 just isn't the definitive racing simulator like Turn 10 claimed. I know it's hard to accept you have been scammed but just face it already and save yourself from looking like a fool when GT5 releases.

Strikepackage Bravo3206d ago

"And your tire smoke issue is called arcade style. Have you ever raced on a real track with real race cars? You don't get "tire smoke" accelerating out of turns unless you lose traction."

Um in this video the car was SPINNING the tires out of turns, it WAS losing traction, that is why the tires were screeching, what is wrong with you, and what was that babble about arcade style?!?! The idea is supposed to be realism, are you saying Forza is more realistic and GT5 is arcade style?

The rest of what you said was not worth responding to, it was gibberish.

ABizzel13205d ago


I honestly own Forza 3 as you can see in the review I wrote on it. Forza 3 looks great, but GT5:P still looked better than it, and I'm sure GT5 will as well. I liked Forza 3 a lot (much more than the other iterations) for it's heaviness (cars feel like their on a track and not floating), things to do outside of racing, and other little tidbits that make the game well worth the fee.

EvilBlackCat3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Do you own Forza3?

Well lets see how good you are on it.

I have a Celica 2003 Class C for you lets race.

send me your gamertag in private message

By the way I challenge you in a full simulation race

that men...

NO ASSIST, FORCED 1st PERSON VIEW & using CLUTCH... well for you lets just keep it NO assist only

Its funny how a lot of Xbox 360 haters around here owns an Xbox360 and owns Forza 3 but they prefer GTP or prefer GT5 a game that its not out yet.

BUT i a gamer who owns all platforms and owns GTP its fncking dissapointed by the consecutive bullsh!t that PD have been giving us Sim Racing Fans since GT3. You can give pretty graphics but where in the fnck its your damn close to real life simulation?!

COME ON you ignorant b!tches who says to own Forza 3 but dont like it because you prefer GT over Forza lets race and prove that you are not b!tching.

Cut the bullsh!t GT5 can sells millions but that dont guarantee its the best racing sim out there!

GT have always been a damn Arcade with some few sim elements accept it!

I was a damn fncking hardcore GT fan until GT3 show up

mastiffchild3205d ago

I think we should also lose the Forza3 comparisons. I'm a big fan of both series myself but wouldn't support F3 with a purcghase as I don't want to reward tools like Greenawalt or the antics of the T10 team this year which is sad. That said, what I have played of the demo and of the full game at mates I have to say it isn't the hoped for jump from F2, imo, that GT5 will be from Prologue but this isn't the footage to base anything on as it's almost deliberately put together so as not to five a lot away about the final version.

Being prefectly honest neoither damage models looks particularly great yuet and iof neither manage to implement meaningful day/night and weather cycles then NOONE should be bandying about words like "definitive" concerning current gen racers on consoles. Not T10 and not PD.

What I can say, however, is that it does at least look like PD are going to try to get all the pertinent features into the game(for example, I think weather is a must as without it's efect why the hell bother with tyre choices?)and haven't yet, and won't, started the poll rigging, mouthing off and talking about the competition without backing it up in game. Which, to me, is the biggest difference we can judge, right now, between the two camps.

The only other thing we can judge is the high def screens of the twop games at decent sites and , for me, the GT5 shots just look a lot beter than the F3 shots. To make any concrete choice, though, we'll have to wait for GT5 to drop but this footage is umpressive enopugh for me to imagine the finished game will be a long way ahead of the competition on console but the most damagine thing to Forza3 is the way it's creators gave it impossible billing to lice up to and rubbished PD and GT into the bargain so it's little wonder people who love the Gt series have taaken every chance to revel in Forza3's shortcomings.

Personally, I think both look amazing but I would NOT be betting n PD not overtaking the performance shown by F3 in looks, gameplay and sales. If they do indeed add damage, weather and day/night cycles it'll just make their victory more resounding and lets face it, if they can't do something good after the time they've had who can? Still, it looks amzing and shuld prove to be exactly that while, from what I've played Forza3 just wasn't the step up from F2 that the noises T10 made had me expecting. Grid, F3 and prologue have all let me down a little over the length of this generation and I'm really still waiting for a driving/racing game/sim to nlow me away.

Sarcasm3205d ago

"cause at best this looks exactly like it"

lol sureeee

Forza 3

GT5 220mb demo

Perkel3205d ago

@ Evil kitty

you can spin it all you want but GRAN TURISMO 5 Prologue have better physic than forza 3.


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Hanif-8763206d ago

Thats one of the most sensible comment i've read today!

Strikepackage Bravo3206d ago

now this is better, what is it with germans and crappy screenshots.

These shots look almost as good as Forza3, and in real life im sure they look just as good. This will be my first PS3 game, I can promise you that.

Profit Lost No Games3206d ago

You mean that arcady racer game? has it sold one million units yet?...

Sorry buddy the GT series is on another league much higher than any racing game.

Strikepackage Bravo3206d ago

how bout from this point on we just leave Forza out of the discussion, these shots and footage is not good enough or big enough to even really see the differences between Forza and GT, so anyone claiming this looks waaaay better than Forza is just exposing themselves as delusional fanboys.

@above, Im not even going to dignify your moronic comment with a response beyond this.

nycredude3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Do yourself a favor. Sell your PS3 and get a set of new prescription eyeglasses cause you obviously need it. I'm going to use 360 fans argument and see what you think. How many copies have Forza sold? how many copies has GT5PROLOGUE sold? Nuff said.

Gt5 will sell more than Forza 3 in it's first 2 weeks.

"Im not even going to dignify your moronic comment with a response beyond"

Huh what does that mean?

LiL T3206d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

You can pretty much guarantee it will look better. If the 200mb time trail looks as good as fortza 3 GT5 will blow it away. The time trial demo doesn't look like the final version and looks like some lighting and textures have not been added in this build.

DAMN that looks sweet way better than the last vid. Is it thursday yet.

edit- "how bout from this point on we just leave Forza out of the discussion" OHHHHHHH is something wrong failteambravo, are you loosing the battle with that cancer you call fortza. Were you not the one that brought it into the discussion. TOOL

rezenu3206d ago

...Why would you compare Gran Turismo 5 to Forza 3?

Ju3206d ago

"we just leave Forza out of the discussion"

This is hilarious. You pretty much started the whole argument.

Sarcasm3205d ago

Just in case you didn't catch it up there

Forza 3

GT5 220mb demo

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