3.5 - Silent Hill Shattered Memories Review

Silent Hill Shattered Memories fails in almost every possible aspect resulting in a game that can't compare to the other games in the series.

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whothedog3169d ago

I totally disagree with the score, I thought it was a good game, not great but not a 3.5

hatchimatchi3169d ago

Hmm 3.5 seems a bit low compared to the other reviews. I haven't played it yet. I almost bought it the other day but i'm still holding out. I love silent hill but this game just seems too different and all in bad ways. I don't mind the lack of combat, I can see how it would make the game scary. (Clocktower was scary as hell on the psx.) My complaints are with the town being covered in ice, why ice? The Silent Hill environment has always been about a creepy town and industrial themed environments riddled with blood and decay. I might end up getting it but it's hard for me to trust reviews for wii games. I've been burned many times in the past. I'm gonna wait to see how it scores on the psp/ps2.

3169d ago