El33tonline's Christmas Bargain Bin Buyer's Guide for South African gamers

El33tonline writes:

"If there were ever a time in 2009 to snag up a good deal on a game that's "fairly" recent, now is the time (and probably your last chance, anyway)! Retailers are trying to pump their promotions left, right, and centre - sadly in my mind this unashamed capitalist venture is a direct assault on the "real meaning of Christmas," but no matter, I am sure we still all agree that there is no better way to celebrate this festive period than to have FUN, so go forth and unashamedly buy these bargain goodies and knock your Christmas stockings off!

Disclaimer: Bargain bin hunting is a refined art, and owing to the dynamic nature of these specials, some of these may have already passed…I provide this list without prejudice, and also in no particular order!"

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