WorthPlaying: MX vs. ATV Reflex Review

WorthPlaying writes: "For years, Rainbow has been one of the more respected developers for off-road racing games on a home console. Since the PlayStation era, the studio has refined THQ's Ricky Carmichael motocross series into something enjoyable for fans and non-fans alike. The PlayStation 2 era saw them turn Sony's ATV Offroad Fury series into a premiere arcade racing game that solidified the system's place as a powerful console for all gaming genres. Once they were officially bought by THQ, they merged both games into one all-encompassing title, and the MX vs. ATV series was born. Like peanut butter and chocolate, the pairing was a big success with both fans and critics. Since then, the subsequent versions have kept the core mechanics the same while throwing in a few twists and turns to help keep things fresh. The recent release of MX vs. ATV Reflex shows that the trend is bound to continue, and although the changes may not be numerous, the series has not gone stale either."

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