Apple looking for a slice of gaming pie

Critical Gamer Writes: After some lean times, Apple really made a name for themselves with the release of the all-in-one iMac G3 computer. Its brightly coloured exterior crushed the idea that computers had to be packaged in grey plastic, and as a result they flew off the shelves. Then with the release of the iPod and iTunes they redefined how music could be packaged, and you could now carry your whole music collection around with you. Over the years the iPod has added extra functionality, with the ability to store and view photos, then the addition of viewing movies, surfing the net, and most groundbreaking of all the addition of Apps to the iTunes store. This finally gave Apple a handheld computer, that can do most things that a laptop can do but in a pocket friendly package. With the release of the iPhone they gained valuable market share in the mobile market. The iPhone and iPod Touch have proven to be major players in the gaming market, with their bite sized, and pocket friendly games proving popular with users. In fact Apple have started marketing these devices as gaming consoles, with the slogan "Next level fun".

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Jim Crikey3207d ago

An apple console could be interesting...

qface643207d ago

would be boring they would have no games for it
unless they tried to buy their way to the top but i think we already have enough of that as it is

scruffy_bear3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Apple would try to buy someone like EA

Nihilism3207d ago

Good on them, it will keep the gaming companies on their toes, and make microsoft the the hell up, possibly nintendo will lose some of the casual market as indie devs would likely flock to apple if they had a similar system to iphone apps where anyone can get a game approved if they are up to scratch. I could just be a hub for casual games, all Digital Distribution, and possible even a media centre.

I'm not an apple fan, but I sure as hell would buy one if they did that. It would be more appealing to me than anything nintendo is doing at present, and console are not doing a single thing pc isn't. So there is definitely room for more

toaster3207d ago

I don't see gamers buying an Apple console in the near future. I love Apple, yet even I wouldn't buy an Apple console. Not because everyone else won't get it, but because Apple will have to bring something new and fresh to the table if they want to compete with the big boys Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Apple usually has wonderful ideas and tech but with Natal and Sony's thing there just isn't enough room for another console.

I'm sure if Apple comes up with something revolutionary then consumers would buy their console but as of now, all the good ideas are being taken already or technology hasn't caught up to those ideas.

sikbeta3207d ago

I don't like the Apple console idea, it'll go the wii way with casuals and we're going to be stuck, it'll the like Atari

militant073207d ago

"Apple would try to buy someone like EA "

lol, like they can afford them

Jockie3207d ago

Err, Apple could afford EA, they did pretty well throughout the recession because of things like the iPhone, whilst EA felt the pinch. A takeover was rumoured in May of this year, although obviously it didn't come to fruition (there's a terrible pun in there somewhere...).

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rambi803207d ago

@Jockie - Pun acknowledged

Apple would be better off going after the casual market giving their pricing history

darthv723206d ago

They made a console at one point and teamed up with Bandai to release it in JP. Didnt work out to well for them then what makes you think it will work now? Just because they can corner the market on portable music doesnt mean they can do the same for gaming.

Even MS taking the plunge was risky the first time out but they managed to follow it up with the right ideas not long after. For Apple, it is over 10 years gap between console ideas (if they are serious about it this time).

To be a success, they need an approach that the other haven't thought of or yet to take the risk on. Perhaps it could be the first all digital distribution system with no offline component what-so-ever. Always online for everything and full itunes support. However, I am sure the big three are already thinking of those concepts (sans itunes that is).

gumgum993206d ago

1.10- I don't think we're talking about the same Apple here. Apple has changed a lot since then. Apple would certainly be a wildcard player, if such an entry were to occur. Hard to say, though, if such an idea is even logical.

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unknown_gamer3207d ago

Three is more than enough consoles without apple bring out a new one

musicresearch3207d ago

It is logical to assume that Apple TV will evolve into some kind of all singing and dancing console/content box. However IF Apple choose to enter this market then it will seriously shake up the industry as without a doubt they will not do it unless they can change the economics of the software.

Both with music and portable gaming they have in effect made the software free or massively undervalued as they would rather have a ton of content than a few big titles. They make their money off the hardware and by taking a commission on what is a massive XBL.

An app store environment might seem exciting but in the long term might devalue product and result in smaller/lower budget productions.

kneon3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

making that into a serious contender in the HD gaming market is just going to push the price up even further making it the most expensive console out there. I think it's far too risky for Apple to try and join the HD console market at this time, the costs would be huge and the risk of failure equally huge.

The most viable route I see for them would be to stick with the casual market and use only digital distribution. That way they can just use the app store for distribution and the hardware can be kept simple and cheap, at least by Apple standards :) They can then provide tools to migrate iphone/itouch games to the Apple TV or whatever the hardware will be.

Mondayding3207d ago

I've used Mac's for over ten years, if you think the console fanboy battleground is a bloody one it's nothing compared to the PC/Mac one.

I would be surprised, however, if Apple tried to muscle into the console market (even though good business sense dictates that you have to expand to survive). Then again, if they did, I would also expect to see a damn fine piece of kit. As much as they wind everybody up, there operating system slaps Windows all round the room with a lump hammer, and there's no reason to believe they would put out a shoddy console.

It's an interesting idea, and if it happens I am definitely buying some shares in that company

Cosquae3207d ago

Indeed, bloody isn't the word to describe the Macs and PCs fans.

Problems as it stands is that Apple opperates utterly opposite to the current console market. Their hardware is expensive and their software (apps, itunes) are cheap (or cheaper than their established rivals previously). They could make a very well designed, sleek looking, well made console, brilliantly marketed... and then go sell it for $1000...

The main advantage Macs supposedly have over PCs is that OSX is/was better than Windows, but this is meaningless in a console as it's mostly about the games. Would still love to see them give it a try though.

MajestieBeast3207d ago

Seeing as Apple always overprices their products i think well be looking at a 800$ console.

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