Naughty Dog, What the Hell?

From TAGS: "OK its time for some truths that might hurt a few of you, but first let me say I love Uncharted 2. This is my personal favourite game of the year. The Single player game is the best part; the Co-op and Multiplayer have kept me playing the game, but what the hell are you thinking Naughty Dog?"

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whothedog3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

I do agree the 40k is steep, I got kicked do to my power going out for a second, and it was disappointing to see 40k gone, just like that. I still think a timer that builds up over time on how many games you leave early would be better but what do I know. I also don't like playing short handed, and hate it when people leave because they get off to a bad start or don't like the map.

Or even have the money penalty increase away over time with each early leave, because if it keeps recurring than I think its a problem but a few times I don't really see being a problem.

presto7173205d ago

Nothing sucks more than playing with a loser that quits halfway through. That totally ruins the game for not only his teammates, but also the guys on the other team. Yeah it really sucks. I support naughty dog. If you cant even play through one single game of deathmatch, etc. then why go online in the first place?

starvinbull3205d ago

People who say they have a life and therefore shouldn't be punished for leaving a game ruining it for everyone else need to stop playing games online is my point of view.

Got better things to do than play uncharted online? Then go do it and don't darken anyone's multiplayer match again.

FamilyGuy3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Actually, that $40,000 penalty was recently removed and a 30 second penalty is the only thing that takes it's place (UNLESS you up and shut your system off/sign-off from within the multi-player game). The 30 second penalty just makes your character stand there vulnerable for 30 seconds while you exit the match.

I like the penalty because it stops "casual gamers" from abandoning their team during a match, which can cause the players who stayed playing to be out numbered and out gunned. This REALLY sucks in plunder/objective-based matches.

One thing they should do is change the penalty amount based on you level as someone at level 20 will feel a $40,000 a lot worst than someone at level 52 who can make that money up in a single game.

vhero3205d ago

Another article about this really??

Guido3205d ago

If you do not have time to complete a game then don't start. Quiters are douche bags no matter how you paint the picture and if you can't stay around to complete the game you started then don't start one in the first place. Take your lumps and quit complaining. (directed to the author of the article)

YoungKiller253205d ago

why dont they just allow people to join games that already started either through matchmaking or through your friends

personally i think thats just a design flaw on naughty dogs part and they just punish other people for their mistakes

DaTruth3204d ago

My PS3 froze having trouble keeping up with the brilliance that is Uncharted 2! Went from high level 11 to low level 9 and it was not at all my fault.

The $40000 is a bit steep!

Commander TK3204d ago

I think is 1 of many flaws on U2 online rather than the only flaw

CyberCam3204d ago

The power in my house cut out a couple of times in one day (I don't know what the heck was going on in my neighbourhood that night) and I went back online to play, I got so pissed I sold the game the next day.

There's just way too many good online games out there now to be playing one that penalizes you for things out of your control.

I love the game but can't stomach the poor decision not have players join mid game and to have such a shoddy match making that take a lifetime to get you in a game!

Budg3tG4m3r3204d ago

"Nothing sucks more than playing with a loser that quits halfway through." Some gamers have children and they allways take priority. Also what about an emergency or connection drops? Not everyone just ups and leaves a game, life tends to get in the way of gaming. Sorry bro but that way of thinking just makes you an A-hole.

ThanatosDMC3204d ago

I like the penalty. I just wish there were more co-op missions. Crushing difficulty is awesome!

D4RkNIKON3204d ago

This is where killzone 2 has a better system for people who leave a game early. You obviously don't gain the XP for the battle, and any badges or medals you were going to receive for that match. Now I do understand that if you have all of your badges then who cares, but I remember countless matches that I had to stick it out to get that medal. The most painful being the 90 minute matches where you get what you need near the beginning! But losing about 80 kills for having to leave is just mean.

klashawnd3204d ago

This maintains the competitive balance and also doesn't penalize those who choose to quit for a number of reasons. I for one hate when I play a game of Plunder and then one of my teammates quits, leaving our team at a huge disadvantage. Then the other team decides not to score the 5th and final treasure, and instead just camps by the base with the treasure so they can rack up points. In situations like this, I want to quit so bad but why should i lose 40K just because the other team is being azzholes and making the game not fun for me to play? Allowing other players to join mid-game is a simple solution and would go a long way towards improving the user experience.

Pillville3204d ago

"Some gamers have children and they allways take priority."

I have children too and they do take priority, and that means that they also take priority over imaginary money in a game. I will gladly lose some imaginary money when my daughter needs me to drink some imaginary tea.

Delive3204d ago

Glitchers. What is your playing a round and someone is glitching. Hiding in a wall or someplace you can't kill them, but they can kill you. I have not seen it in U2 yet, but other games are notorious. I have left many rounds of Socom, Gears & Halo because someone was glitching. I didn't feel I should allow them to boost their stats and diminish mine due to a glitch. So I left. Should I be punished for that? And I'm talking about blatant glitches, not lag issues.

Christopher3204d ago

If something is important enough to drag you away from the game, then it's important enough to not worry about imaginary game money that can be earned back pretty easily.

Sure, there are going to be those who are affected unfairly, but that pales in comparison to those would abuse the system otherwise if this wasn't in place.

FamilyGuy3204d ago

That's just plain imbecilic. You can add that way simply to try and make a point but unless you're getting less than 5 kills per match or all your kills are attained by way of explosion (in which case maybe you should just give up on the uncharted multi-player), you're going to make money on other things just because of the way you're killing people.

You get money for medals too and you get those medals EASILY during matches.

WildArmed3204d ago

Nah, I love the 40k penalty.
Never played a match where a player backed out so far.
Thank God.

travelguy2k3204d ago

not allow you to join another match until that one ends, you have to watch the whole thing play out. I think if you had to sit and watch and not play it would stop people from dropping out.

I have never dropped out but have taken a $40,000 hit for losing my intenet connection.

Solidus187-SCMilk3204d ago

I dont have to quit often so its not that bad. If I have to do something I dont play online. Alot of people were just quitting before when they were loosing. Which could be good sometimes cause the worse people on your team would sometimes quit.

Your rank always goes up so 40k shouldnt take long to regain if you need to quit sometimes. If your loosing ranks because of this you probably are quitting too often or have connection problems. If thats you then you shouldnt play online anyways.

The main problem with the multiplayer is that there is no Free-for-all mode. Id like that because I dont want a team sometimes because you can loose alot of games because of just one bad team member. In FFA mode they could take away the penalty for quitting(or lower it) because it isnt hurting anyone like it is in team games.

3204d ago
IdleLeeSiuLung3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

So he didn't have time to complete a whole game because he wanted to play sports so he could ruin it for the other people playing the game. He deserved the penalty!

The flip side is of course if the other players are cheating and you have to sit through it.

The penalty might be steep, but 80 kills isn't that bad and it need to be high enough that people is detered from leaving. The only thing I think ND should do is warn them and give the user a choice to continue the game if it already doesn't do that.

Also, doesn't the first offense get ignored?

WildArmed3204d ago

Yes the first offense is ignored. But if you keep quiting too often, then they dont hold back on whipping you into shape.

I hate games in which it ends up 1 v5 coz one team owned the other.
ND did a good job in making sure that rarely happens

Pillville3204d ago


where to start...

"Heed me we are in a jobless recession recovery and to sit there and play MP all day is ignorant and irresponsible!!!"

Politics have no place in this discussion, WTF does a jobless recovery have to do with people not finishing their MP matches?
Sitting and playing MP all day is as ignorant and irresponsible as playing Single Player all day.
Same goes with spending all day watching TV, movies, sports, browsing the internet, etc....
and irresponsible? how do you know what people's responsibilities are? How do you know that they are ignoring their responsibilities and playing games?

"I believe game devs should not worry about the market of Low lifes that have no life and play MP all day as though they are winning something that makes theri lives more fulfilling."

Yes GAME makers, don't pander to your customers. Make only SP games, because that's much less a waste of people's time. How dare you follow market trends and try to make money! They should feel guilty making money in a recession anyway, right?

"They should concentrate on a great story that is both inspirational and identifiable (relate-able).
WHich Uncharted 2 story was."

They did concentrate on a great story, and added a MP too.

"IF the game could of been more spectcular and more longer without MP I easily would of paid extra for DLC or something of that nature .."

I guess inspirational and identifiable wasn't enough.

"All MP is is a waste of peoples time who should be spending that time getting smart and helping build a future for all of us!!!"

ALL entertainment is a waste of time. It's a waist of time on purpose.

Anon19743204d ago

Although I understand why Naughty Dog put in a penalty because many of you are right, having people bail on multiplayer games sucks, but a $40,000 penalty is a bit steep.

Lawrst3204d ago

To everyone that keeps going on about my situation and why i was fined. Get over it, my main point still stands that the fine is crap.

IT WILL, It does and it has drove players away from the multiplayer. Uncharted 2 should have a massive multiplayer community in a year or so. But if they carry things like this along it wont be able to grow.

If you go on, arnt having any fun because you got placed in an uneven match against much higher level people than you (Happens so often)why should you have to put up with their matchmaking? Oh thats right because if you DROP you get fined....

I wonder how many people will stay with the game after that happens a few times and they can no longer buy upgrades?

To the people saying OH good, im glad they fine people. Are you really, do you want Uncharted 2's multiplayer to become the next Dark Sector? Stop being so selfish and put up with the problems that are associated with online gaming

SilentNegotiator3204d ago

"I get punished for having a life and wanting to do something else besides playing your game"

I'm sick of quitting penalties.

Digitaldude3204d ago

Its good no one leaves but often the game freezes or my net cuts out and I loose 40k, its not too bad as I can get it back in what 30mins but still.
The games online is so fun, Rank 52 at the moment.

DaTruth3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Lol and bubbles!!!

That made me laugh almost as much as Epic Javelin Fail!(see. N4G article Epic Javelin Fail)

@Teraclustersx: I live in Canada and we just gained 78,000 jobs last quarter in our recovery. Is it okay if I play multiplayer games now?

@All Canadians: It is okay to play multiplayer online again! please stay alert for next quarter to find out if it is still okay. We have online gaming all to ourselves! All twelve of us!

goflyakite3204d ago

I loved COD4, and I love MW2, but, UC2 has stepped in the right direction. Saying COD4 got it right is wrong IMO. I cannot count how many times I had to play shorthanded in COD4 (and now MW2) because of people leaving. It pisses me off when the other team leaves too. (just not as much because that usually means you're winning by a huge score)

If every game had what UC2 had, you'd find a lot more people staying in their game.

STONEY43204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

The penalty is extremely lame for me. I have a connection that randomly goes out for literally only a few seconds about 3 times each day. Now most online games would freeze, say connection error, then a few seconds later it's fine and I'm still in the match. Uncharted 2 kicks you out even if it reconnects in a few seconds, and I lose 40k for something I don't even have control of, which is about an hour of co-op work because that's mainly what I play. I could play Deathmatch and get 40k in about 10 or 15 minutes since I'm really good at it, but I like playing co-op alot more.

cyberwaffles3204d ago

i know it's something a majority of you guys don't want to agree with, but ND really didn't make the best matchmaking system. i understand that it's their first time doing it with Uncharted on the ps3, but i think the matchmaking should've been improved since the beta. it takes forever to get a match started and when someone leaves no one can fill in their spot. i've had a few co-op matches end just because someone wanted to leave or disconnect (but other times it wouldn't end the match so i'm not sure how it works exactly).

i agree, the $40,000 penalty was just a shoddy bandaid to fix their matchmaking problem.

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Lucreto3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

We all know about the fine. It is to stop sore losers from quitting the match and ending the game.

You are given one free go and have to pay the fine after.

"I left a game early because I was leaving to play sport, not something that can wait. I came home wanting to relax and play some Uncharted 2. BAM! I see I have lost $40,000 that I could have spent on upgrades."

It is not Uncharted 2 fault this person had poor time management. If he was going to play sports he should not have even started that round. We all know it takes about 15 minutes or so a round so it is his own fault.

I agree with the fine and Naughty Dog said it was appropriate and most fans support it. The only problem I have is if someone with a poor internet connection should not be fined is the game suddenly ends the game on them.

Lawrst3206d ago

Hey mate, Your completely entitled to your opinion so i wont argue with it.

But what I will argue with is my time managment. there was a min left in the match, I thought it was going to be a quick round with the game I was playing. It went too long. Didnt help matchmaking took a while that night.

Lucreto3206d ago

Fair enough

You seem like a up to the last minute gamer. If it was me I would stop at least an hour before I leave just to make sure I got everything. I just finished a few rounds of Uncharted 2 multiplayer but I am due for work in an hour and a half so I just stopped now but I could have continued if I wanted.

Lawrst3206d ago

Im a impulse gamer, ill pick a game up for 10 mins I have to spare or so I have to spare OR sit and play for a few hours. So things like this REALLY get on my nerves since its holding a fantastic multiplayer back.

Eamon3205d ago

What happens if you simply turn off your console? Will you still get a fine?

silvacrest3205d ago

wouldnt that still classifiy as you leaving the game?

Redempteur3205d ago

i don't quit because when i play it's for a fixed amount of time .
Games in uncharted aren't that long so it's easy to know when to stop .

i have a life too ..well that's why you have a run away free pass the first time .

Motion3205d ago

It must be nice being single sometimes. Any gaming session can be cut immediately short due to a g/f or wife coming in and telling you that you're done. They don't flat out say it. But you know. Oh, you know.

DaTruth3204d ago

I didn't get the free pass! They booked me the first time because my PS3 crashed. I was almost afraid to play again, but the double points weekend was on and that helped me make it up!

nycredude3204d ago


Who the heck plays 10 minutes at a time? I mean seriously you can't even finish a coop match in that amount of time so why bother.


If you have a family allocate gaming time and separate from family time. Now if it's an emergency then who really cares about 40,000 fake money? If it just "oh honey can you get me a roll of toilet paper?" or "can you wash the dishes?" then come on don't be a wuss and let her wait a few minutes.

BTW I'm married.

Christopher3204d ago

If you're an impulse gamer, then you're not managing your time well. #2's post still is pretty accurate.

You can't have your cake and eat it too. Either continue being an impulse gamer and losing out when you run out of time or learn to play multiplayer when you know you won't have to leave early.

Rocket Sauce3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

"Oh, hey guys. You want to go see Avatar? And it starts in 20 minutes? I'd love to go with you, but I have to stay home and play video games. Yeah, I'll lose some levels and it wouldn't be fair for me to let my team down. Why, yes, I am a loser and I don't deserve to have real friends."

Please, don't anybody let video games turn you into this guy.

DaTruth3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

If they were real friends, they would understand!


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PirateThom3206d ago

I wish more games were as harsh with leaving mid-game.

I still say though stopping them being able to play another round until the round they left finishes and a 20k fine would have been my first choice.

riksweeney3206d ago

Street Fighter IV is good for this. It lists the number of disconnects that a player has, which is a round-about way of saying they quit either by selecting to quit, their connection legitimately dropping or powering off the machine. More games should do this.

DragonPrince3204d ago

I totally agree with the fine.

There's a lot of ppl out there who will quit for getting off to a bad start, whine about a map, etc. and leave the rest of the team to suffer.

Why should we suffer because ppl are sore losers, bad connections (excuse most of the time imo), etc?

DeThEoRy3204d ago

if you dont agree you are just a mindless fanboy,

Lets-Game3205d ago

wow one round mostly takes under 20min, I mean if you really got something to do then dont start it or if something happens then wth shiit happens. I love this system, people almost never leave so you dont have 1vs10000 match until the end.

SIX3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

I was in a game with the most racist prick I've ever encountered in my years of gaming. Anyhow, I was so offended that I left the game. In this case do you guys feel that it's justified to be fined? Just asking.

mt3205d ago

some people just won't use what is inside their heads

anticooper3205d ago

if there was no way to mute the player who was talking trash,but there is so i guess its fair. peace:-)

starvinbull3205d ago

Report him and it'll only be the one game that gets ruined because you'll never have to play him again.

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