What Is The Nintendo Zii?

Siliconera: No, that's not a typo. Nintendo filed a trademark for "Zii" in Japan for use with video games and other electronic devices.

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Dekonega3141d ago

Maybe it's got something to do with Creative Zii chips?

Demon55003141d ago

"O no the Nintendo zii phone?" {Powered by Mario}

-Nope I call Zii the next gen console out 2011- I Think Michael pachter may have got some thing right for once, + it could be a rehash of wii with internal hdd and updated cpu/gpu with 1080p out put, who knows our studio did not touch Big n this round, but the studio next door did, might drop by tomorrow nice guys. but doubt they would show sdk, but they were talking about how good there new wii game is and how it scales well MMmmmm any body know what they might be talking about?

hay3141d ago

Nintendo trademarks Zii people go Gii.

darthv723141d ago

Seems "Zii" isnt the only name they trademarked. Cii, Bii, Oii, Yii are others. Maybe they are classifications of color for the system???

I was wondering why there wasn't the multicolored Wii's on the market like when it was first revealed. Perhaps now these are to be the colored versions.

Bii: Black Wii
Cii: Crimson (red) Wii
Oii: Olive (green) Wii
Yii: Yellow Wii
Zii: Zinc (silver) Wii
Wii: White Wii (original)

Just a thought

kalebgray923141d ago

the nintendo revolution.... that mess is sexy even if the hardware isnt

thedarkvault3140d ago

That's what I think, it's about Creative and their Zii Product. They probably aren't releasing a zii or a cii or a bii, or whatever they've registered. They're probably just protecting trademarks similar to Wii.

SilentNegotiator3140d ago

"Oii: Olive (green) Wii"
Actually, I think it's a Wii made especially for bar mitzvahs.

Probably a new handheld based on Zii hardware, mentioned in comment 1.

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Demarco1563141d ago

probably the new hanheld

Quadrix3141d ago

I hope it's not an HD system, because it would mean Pachter was right, and the world isn't supposed to end till 2012.

Demon55003141d ago

HAHAH It will lunch @ October fest 2010, And Miyamoto will be on stage showing the new peripheral, Emersive 3d beer goggles. I will go to ZII console lunch .....:)

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