New Heavy Rain Screens Are Full of Jesus

The upcoming PS3 release of Heavy Rain has already shown off plenty of its gorgeous visuals. In a newly-released batch of screenshots, some more of the game's sinister elements are being displayed.

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tigresa3201d ago

God this game is just buck wild. They are going all out, I love it, and it doesn't feel shameless at all with the various adult content. I can't wait to experience the full story. I bought my PS3 for this, it's impossible for it NOT to deliver. I was a ridiculous fan of Indigo Prophecy and this just builds on that experience ten-fold.

Guido3200d ago

I am looking forward to this title more than many of the others coming in the same time frame. Can't wait to play it. If the dev stays true to their style, this game will be awesome.

sikbeta3200d ago

I hope the gaming community support this game, we need more variety than the "every year FPS"

Lifendz3200d ago

the game will probably be a hit overseas but I don't think as much here. It's a day one for me.

3200d ago
Hellsvacancy3200d ago

I havnt even looked at the screens, ive seen 1 or 2 trailers and thats it, this games had day1 slapped all over it ever since i completed Fahrenheit

OpenGL3200d ago

My thoughts exactly; this game is a day 1 purchase for me as well. I'm way more excited for this than God of War 3 or even Gran Turismo 5.

Christopher3200d ago

They are slowly showing greater improvements in lighting. Makes the game look grittier and really 'pops' some of the character details better.

I'm definitely getting this game just to experience some different gameplay that I seemed to have missed with their last game. I just hope the story lives up to the potential.

ABizzel13200d ago

Another game to bring friends and family over so they can sit back and watch you play. Heavy Rain is as close to a movie as games have come.

shawnsl653200d ago

very very very very very very nice

did I mention that it is very nice?

beardpapa3200d ago

now if only it gets proper marketing...

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RememberThe3573201d ago

This game seems to be doing everything it can to push the boundaries of how videogame stories are told. I don't think any of us have any real idea what we're in store for.

bjornbear3200d ago

I have NO idea what the experience is going to be like (Haven't played Indego Prophecy since it isn't compatible w my vid card =( - stupid -_-)

so i'm SO excited about this game, actually more than any other atm =D

Rumor Monger3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

WOW i never thought that we would get this quality and immersion, in this GEN

one of the best GFX that i saw on a Console...

Digital-_-Smoke3201d ago

Are better then crysis himselfs, (Runs for the hills)

pixelsword3201d ago

*sees a groundswell of PC fanboys and PS3 detractors on the horizon*

dredgewalker3200d ago

Quick! Hide in here! they would'nt dare enter a girls bathroom so you would be safe from those uber geeks.

SuperM3200d ago

dont worry. noone with a decent luggage upstairs can deny that the characters in heavy rain looks better then in Crysis. They simply do, and by quite a fair margin id say

tudors3201d ago

Some of the previous screens I have seen however suggest that there are a lot of cut scenes which have higher AA than when in game, don't get me wrong I am not knocking it but whilst the facial details are some of the best I have seen the actual gameplay does not look better than Uncharted 2 or Alan Wake, some of the stuff I have seen look very blurry. Remember guys I only say it how I see it, there is no hidden agenda, and because of the type of game this is I suppose the cut scenes can be classed in a sense as being in game, but only in a QTE sense, the actual gameplay where you are in full control of the character is not as good looking as the QTE/cut scene sections of the game, but don't anyone get all upset because I think the game will be exellent and I would love to play it, and if I end up being completly wrong I will be the 1st to admit it.

Fishy Fingers3200d ago

From QTE to free roaming the game maintains the same visual quality, no difference. The QTE sequences maybe appearing better due to their extremely high quality animations (mo-cap) but they're seemlessly joined with the free roaming. Watch the grocery store gameplay and you'll see there is no fluctuation in visuals.

SuperM3200d ago

There is a graphical difference between some of the scenes. And the reason behind that is that in some scenes they render huge crowds of people, and that cant be done at the same graphical quality without out it severly hitting the framerate.

nycredude3200d ago

Of course there is graphical difference between scenes. Each scene is different and designed separately with different art. What do you want the same scene over and over again. You guys need to chill with the microscope. Instead of reveling in the great design and potential of the game you guys are already nickpicking every scene before you even play the final product.

Please do not use Alan Wake in the same sentence as Uncharted when talking about graphics. When we see more of it that is not in a dark ass environment then we can judge after it releases. But having facial quality like Uncharted is no slouch though imo as that game is thus far the benchmark in console graphics.

Foliage3200d ago

Using Uncharted 1 or 2 in the same sentence as Alan Wake, in a graphics discussion is the biggest fail possible. The only way that is any where near logical would be in the following context:
"Uncharted looks years ahead of Alan Wake in graphics and every other area of gaming".

Please don't compare Alan Vaporware to GOTY. Alan Wake looked dated years ago. Soon you guys are going to realize that Microsoft has built a system on hype, and has never offered any ounce of quality to back it up. I can't imagine the look on your face when logic finally finds a place in your cranium.

beardpapa3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

I remember when people were saying how KZ2 looked so great, but yet other people criticized it and said the graphics were actually piss poor. They said the low lighting, darkness, and muddy colors were used to hide the crap graphics that KZ2 had.

So can we say the same about every other game, cutscene, and trailers we've seen out there that are dark and devoid of any color? It only seems fair.

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