The top 10 best-selling games of 2009 thus far in Japan

Charts of the top 10 best-selling games of 2009 in Japan (thus far) have been compiled (one with, one without Nintendo titles).

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Valay2895d ago

The past few months, it feels like Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver and Tomodachi Collection have been selling like crazy. Almost made me forget about how well Dragon Quest IX and Monster Hunter 3 did earlier in the year.

Lich1202895d ago

Its always eye opening how different game sales are between japan and the states.

Nihilism2895d ago

wow, japanese people sure love their games, they equal the sales of other countries with 4 times the population

Narutone662895d ago

it's going to change once FFXIII is released this month.

2895d ago
SpoonyRedMage2895d ago

FFXIII should take fourth place, maybe third... so not that much of a change.

bacon132895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )


Yea, I totablly agree. The west loves the violence and guns while the japanese play the doe eyed rpgs. Well, whatever gives you your gaming fix, I'm all for it.

StanLee2895d ago

Is Japanese consumers even still relevant in the gaming industry? I don't mean to question anyone's tastes but, "huh"? O_o

Montrealien2895d ago

I still will never understand why people always refer to Japan sales in the stupid console wars. I think its safe to say that the top 5 games sold this year in NA is more then all the games that sold on that list combined.

Its not to say that I don`t respect Japan for whats its done to gaming, but people really have to stop thinking that japan is the center of the gaming world.

rockleex2895d ago

Yes, because they mainly affect Japanese developers' decisions on future video game direction.

I, for one, would NEVER want Japanese developers to stop making games. I find their creativity in video games to be MUCH more exciting and interesting than Western devs.

How else would we get games like MGS3, ZOE2, Ico, SotC, Mario, Zelda, SSB, SF, FF, Demons Souls, GT5, etc?

So much more variety, creativity, and fantasy than Western games.

The only reason why it seems Japan isn't as important this generation is mainly because Handhelds have been the main focus in Japan up until the soon coming of FFXIII's release.

Next gen doesn't start in Japan until Final Fantasy says so!!! >:D

Montrealien2895d ago

I can`t dissagree more, the last few years Western devs have really been better. Naughty Dog, Insomniac, Bungie, Infinity ward, Blizzard, Bioware, Harmonix, gearbox, RockStar, Ubi montreal, Rocksteady just to name a few. These are all Western Devs that have really made their mark during the last few years.

I am not saying Japanese devs should stop making games, infact most of the western devs are more then likely filled with people that where inspired by what Japan devs have done in the past. I guess all I am saying is that we need to start giving credit where credit is due and western devs are very exciting creative and interesting.

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SpoonyRedMage2895d ago

Go Dragon Quest although because these are based on Famitsu numbers and don't include bundles they're all slightly lower than in reality! Woohooo.

kewlkat0072895d ago

they have different taste.

Montrealien2895d ago

Japan gaming is as niche as it comes. Sadly the biggest supporters of it are a very vocal internet minority.

Gr812895d ago

Is crazy. It shows just how dominant Nintendo has been this generation in Japan.

massapeal2895d ago

i never seen so much Nintendo games dam they are really dominating sorry sony u lost ur land to the Nintendo u ant getting that back u better find some one els now u just got kick

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