El33tonline's Xbox 360 Christmas Buyer's Guide for South African gamers

El33tonline writes:

"The Xbox 360 came to South Africa almost a year before the PS3 officially came to these shores. It started off slow but then steadily created a very colourful community. The initial technical problems have been resolved and the console is as steady as any other out there. Quite a few new features of the Xbox Dashboard were implemented and you now get loads of features like Twitter and Facebook on the console, albeit for Live Gold members only. Not to forget pets and accessories for your Avatars.

Gaming wise the difference between multi-platform releases are at that stage of the consoles' lifetime that they are virtually indistinguishable. This year saw fewer "Only on Xbox" games, but the range of games available was extensive. Come Christmas time you will be under quite a bit of pressure to narrow your shopping list down. Here you can find our 10 highly recommended purchases for Xbox 360, which will hopefully help you narrow down your options."

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