Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacy Beta 2 Released

Ironclad Games and Stardock have announced the release of Beta 2 for the upcoming Sins of a Solar Empire micro-expansion Diplomacy.

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3169d ago
ChrisW3169d ago

Is it me... or do these improvements (aside from better AI) seem worthless? While various forms of diplomacies are nice things to research, they are NOT game winners in any way what-so-ever! Brute force and shear numbers are the key to winning overall. My friends and I will more than likely not be purchasing this expansion... Despite the large number of hours we put into each game.

Proxy3169d ago

It does well enough at strategy I guess, but it sucks at tactics. The classic star base suicide being the best example.

The online is the best part (although the service kind of sucks). It's real easy to find a 5v5 to join if you play at the right time. Very intimidating for newcomers though.