New MW 2 glitch unlimited ammo and no reloading.

Ok so last night while randomly joining a team Deathmatch game we joined this server where there is unlimited ammo and no reloading for everyone. Were pretty sure this was a server error/glitch and not somebody doing it as we had a constant stream of new people. Below is a video clip of our experience as you can see it turns into a grenade launcher war for the most part. Also in the video is a shot of the AC130 which also has NO reloading and becomes an automatic death machine.

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pixelsword3135d ago

And this game won Best Multiplayer Game for what reason now?

qface643135d ago

because if it didn't the internet would have cried and moaned that it should have won

whothedog3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

This game should of won GOTY (Glitch of the year)

kratos1233134d ago

i lmao that was the best joke i read this week
but mw2 sucks ass thank god i didnt get it
bfc2 ftw

Hellsvacancy3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

I rented MW2 for 3-days, only played the multiplayer 3 or 4 times, i probably woulda played it abit more if it wasnt 4 the fact that u hav 2 reach level 19 2-unlock Hardcore Mode, makes the game suck EVEN more then wot it already did

Not that expected anythin less

I play the BC2-Beta pretty much every-day for an hour or 2 it rocks

kratos1233134d ago

Announcer: And the award for glitch of the year goes to. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Crowd: Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Announcer: So tell us IW, how did all of these glitches get past you in the testing phase of your game?

IW: Well you know, we just push our games out there, because people are gonna buy it regardless. COD man.

Crowd: Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

bacon133134d ago

God, when will it end? It seems everyday there is a new glitch associated with the online portion of MW2. WTF, why didn't IW do a public beta?! I've never seen a game like this go from uber hype and excitment to terrible word of mouth so fast.

BadboyCivic3603134d ago

Last nite was the best game i had on MW2....nobody was camping,unlimited ammo,and if you got an AC130,its like the God of death from above...

Elvfam5113134d ago

is pretty cool because everybody gets to use but its bad at the same time because you leveling up

rockleex3134d ago

There are people who have figured out how to activate this on purpose.

People said it requires a particular hack (Jhack or something), which probably didn't work online in ranked matches until someone figured out how to activate the "Public Private Match" glitch.

Chubear3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

This won VGA Shooter GOTY uh? Oh well, we shouldn't talk crap about the developers cause WE bought the game in the bucket loads and when MW3 comes out, WE'LL do it all over again and pretend we are outraged.

They gave DLC type updates to the game, they didn't really push the game graphically or otherwise for the SP campaign and they raised the price of the game. We all talked the big talk of "F* activision! no way am I supporting this crap!" .. and what did we do? We made it the best selling VG of all time.

So when they make a MW3 similar to MW2, who's to blame? the developers? hell naw, they only give us what we show them we want and so far we've shown we want MW2 type production and will hail it for GOTY always.. but MAG with 128v128 "BAH! iz teh boring and teh LAG! and teh graphicz!!!" BC pushing to try and being new gamplay and innovation "blah, MW2 rocks, BC2 suroxz!"

Go on, keep supporting mediocrity and/or half arsed efforts from developers and all you'll get is more half arsed efforts.

SilentNegotiator3134d ago

Just another day for Modern Glitchfare 2.

7thNightvolley3134d ago

i knw how the glitch is done is actually pretty easy... and its such a bad thing coz its everywhere.. now.. almost .. out of 4 games u join u see a glitched one..with unlimited.. ammo, all death perks working at the SAME TIME... ya.. they have continous pain killer and last stand and granade and copy cat .. all of it.. running ... its just insane.. and sad... that IW didnt check their codes for all this errors..

thisguywithhair3134d ago

"i lmao that was the best joke i read this week
but mw2 sucks ass thank god i didnt get it
bfc2 ftw"

lol, it's only tuesday too

Xbox Avatars Shoe3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

People are still saying that, but in a sarcastic way.

The matchmaking is almost broken with it joining you into glitched games... well, that is if it doesn't kick you and you party from the lobby first. About half of time I'm in a party, we either get put into separate games or get completely separated.

Not to mention the campaign is mediocre at best with it's short time and unoriginal, bland gameplay and terribly-told story. Spec Ops is decent.

It is absolutely ABSURD that MW2's metascore is above 70! Most overrated game EVER!

ShadowCK3134d ago

How stupid are you people? This isn't Infinity Wards fault.

This is happening because someone edited their game save that let's them do that and when that person hosted a game in TDM or anything else, it infected other peoples Cache. That's why it has spreaded around like wildfire.

Infinity Ward know that it is a problem, but no matter how good they are they can't make a fix magically appear overnight. The best they can do is just work as hard as they can and get it as soon as they can. Sadly, our outrage isn't going to do anything. The people who DID make the mod are only going to be dining on our tears and that's just going to make the more likely to do something again.

I'd love for a patch to be out right now, but they just can't do it. If you can do better, PLEASE get a job with Infinity Ward ASAP.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

If it's this hunk of junk, I'm going to hit Adam Sessler's knee with a baseball bat!

Edit: YES!!! They gave it to Uncharted 2! So deserving :D

CrippleH3134d ago

LMAO at the guy who said this isn't IW fault HAHAHAHAHAHA. Who's fault is it then? The consumer? They don't know any better. IW made the game and also made it buggy as sin.

Digitaldude3134d ago

This is hilarious, every week AT LEAST 1 new articles tells us about a new glitch in MW2.
Take all the glitches into account, add on the fact that the majority of players are campers and an abundance and whiny kids on the game and you have one... painful MP experience.

Lich1203133d ago

Im with shadowCK to an extent. Well I guess you can't say its anyone else's fault, everyone on here is way too critical of IW. Im sure all of you are master game devs that wouldn't have any glitches in your amazing game.

There's nothing wrong if you don't like MW2. But what point is there to hate it? Just because it's on top? Obviously there's a good amount of people out there who enjoy it and that doesn't make them idiots for buying it.

UltimateIdiot9113133d ago

I don't think anyone needs to be master dev to figure out a good one from a bad one. There are enough game dev out there to make a reasonable argument that IW are just poor dev. Just like how you don't need to be a chef to taste a good dish from bad because you simply tried enough dishes in your life time to be able to tell good from bad.

Of course nothing is glitch free but it's the extent of the glitches and the amount of glitches. There are many games out yet the only one to receive so many hacks in record time and to a point where it's out of control is a strong indication that IW isn't coding something properly especially when CoD4 had glitches and hacks expose through save files. You think they would learn the first time around but they didn't.

I have no problem with people like MW2 but I do have a problem with people supporting rehash with more problems then the first one considering it's just a small upgrade. And these are usually the same people that dismiss quality titles and from dev who put out work 2x better and 10x more effort than IW.

Proxy3133d ago

The classic, (insert game not yet released) is far better than (insert game that you haven't played).

C'mon, you know that's the case with about half the comments. :)

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CernaML3135d ago

Bu-bu-bu-bu... We pay $50 because there are no cheaters or glitchers online!

toaster3135d ago

Another day another MW2 glitch.

Sk8boyP3134d ago

NOT only does 360 get maps early but thy have exclusive glitches too.

WCC57233134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

I had high expectations for this game and everyday it is some new glitch. @pixelsword your right how did this win Best Multiplayer and @whothedog your statement could not be denied Glitch of the year how true.

Lets-Game3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

honestly this game is full of glitches and buggs and they even nominated it for some awards, it doesnt even do anything new from previous game. I loved moder warfare but the squeal was horrible on pc version even graphics seemed worse to me. I never played multie player cause its really for people with bad skills in shooters or cs quitters but single player is one of the best fps i ever played.

Edit: the biggest bullshit was that they totally lost the realistic side of the game, I mean juggernauts? wtf takes 6 shots from .50 sniper rifle which can even pierce armored cars. The flying snowmobile or shields? really those are riot shield against stones bottles and crap like that, try hiding behind that shield from ak and you will look like Swiss cheese.
and since i only play on hardest difficulty I noticed the way they made game hard is not by making ai smarter but by making them super humans who can sprint and spray with machine gun half a mile away and hit you none stop. AND WTF IS WITH THE DAMN BLOOD covering you whole screen.

maxim473133d ago

It's a game bro, it's not real life !! it's just a game it makes more fun with all the perks. You want to kill with one shot with SMG or be killed with one shoot from M4 go join army. It's a game it's for fun !

Unicron3134d ago

Oh wait it gets better. Highrise domination. ONE person never left the stairwell, but was able to call in 5 AC-130s. He went 79 and 0. Explain.

borgome3134d ago

Opposing team must of sucked.

Unicron3134d ago

5 AC-130s. With no deaths. You can't stack them like that.

bacon133134d ago

exactly, 1 ac-130 is all you get per life. Just another fish in the ocean of cheaters.

HDgamer3134d ago

This happened to me, from the start of the game nothing buy air strikes, predator missiles, choppers and those sorts.

pegger243134d ago

I don't know if i believe you, secondly, if a team mate kills you it doesnt count as a death

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