Devil May Cry 4 Going Digital

The PC version of Devil May Cry 4 is about to get a little more environmental-friendly. Capcom revealed tonight that the game will be released digitally soon.

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Digitaldude3206d ago

Not sure if anyone will want to play it when GOW3,Bayonetta and Dantes Inferno coming soon.

3206d ago
Katana Yamato3206d ago

JEEZ CAPCOM! When will you freakin announce DMC 5 instead of re-releasing DMC 4 to a digital distribution. I think everyone has pretty much played DMC 4 by now. Either they got it on the 1st day it was release, got it used or pirated the PC version. Its a 2 year old game already. Enough! I want to see DMC 5 already damnit!

And besides, DMC 4 isn't that great. DMC 1 and DMC 3 are the best. DMC 4 is in the league with DMC 2...both a pile of crap.

DiffusionE3206d ago

DMC4 was crap. We want more games like DMC3 and nothing less will do.

Taz Yamauchi3206d ago

Amen to that Katana Yamato

alexy00893206d ago

Totally agree with Katana Yamato. DMC1= amazing DMC2= ok, but boring DMC3= best in series, and DMC4= just good nothing maybe less. Capcom bring part 5. i have a feeling capcom will add multiplayer like every other stupid company out there. " DMC5 TEAM DEATH MATCH " OMG!?

execution173206d ago

part 4 was basically the same 2 games in 1 half being nero then dante the same stages and bosses the other half

LeonSKennedy4Life3206d ago

How about DMC, DMC2, and DMC3 remakes for PS3? : )

Katana Yamato3205d ago

How about no? Let those games stay as classics. What's with this stupid HD remakes. Its stupid if Capcom wastes money remaking old games that aren't even that old. They should concentrate more on a new game.