MythBusters Modern Warfare 2 Edition

Ironstarmovement Writes:
Can an EMP stop a nuclear strike?
Can shooting a fire hydrant kill someone near it?
Can a care package kill you with a riot shield?
Can throwing knives bounce and kill you?
Can M203 rounds bounce off objects and kill you?

Watch the video for all answers and more.

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snipermk03202d ago

excellent stuff.. Had loads of fun watching it!!

GrieverSoul3202d ago

Good stuff!
Now I just want IW to bust those damn leaderboards and rank hackers.

OFFTOPIC: Do you thinks IW should reset the learderboards cause of those hacks?! I wont be easy to detect a hacker that did a 3.01 K/D ratio, and a 57 killstreak would it?! Those who got 1000000kills and 0 deaths are just asking to be caught!

mauleriscool3201d ago

I'm pretty sure they can search through the leaderboard database to find players with higher prestige icons then the amount of times they actually prestiged.

rockleex3201d ago

To stop a Nuke once its been activated?

What happened to our missiles defense system? :(

StanLee3201d ago

I fcuking knew it. I once tried stopping a Nuke with a EMP I got in a care package and it didn't work. EMPs are worthless.

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djcosta3201d ago

for a sec i thought you can stop the nuke with the would be fun if you could tho because that would mean that IT IS NOT OVER YET!!! hehe

SixZeroFour3201d ago

you cant stop it, but if you had last stand as well, you could survive the nuke in last stand and not give him your

blu_yu_away3201d ago

I still remember the smile that came to my face the first time I accidentally killed someone with a fire hydrant.

SixZeroFour3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

when i read the title and the first myth on the list "Can an EMP stop a nuclear strike? ", i was like...hmmm, how are they going to test that in real life, then i realized they were talking strictly about in game ahaha