Gamesweasel: Best 5 games of 2009

Gamesweasel writes: "At number five it's Prototype. This was one of those games that really took my by surprise as it's something that was completely off my radar until I played it. As escaped biological experiment Alex Mercer you have complete freedom of the city as you pull helicopters out of the sky, run up buildings, absorb people and run about causing as much destruction as possible. It's probably the most fun you'll have with your clothes on."

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Bereaver3199d ago

Wait.... what? Prototype is on the list? I mean, it's an ok game, but... TOP 5 of 2009?

unrealgamer583199d ago

mw2 no prototype no
other than that cool list

hs1233199d ago

These are opinions
i thought n4g was for news, who approves these article